The Appearance * Mysteries Of The Kingdom 28

The Appearance * Mysteries Of The Kingdom 28

Welcome to the appearance radio I am Augusto Perez and Shalom today we continue our teaching series on mysteries of the kingdom we are a few days away from celebration in this country very popular holiday pagan holiday Halloween All Hallows Eve and we we share some of that on that subject last week and a little bit on the week.

Before that and pretty soon a lot of children will be going out and trick-or-treating this next week on the streets of America at.

Very dangerous place America has become.

A very dangerous place and the things that I read and the things that I hear going on in in this country in this country that I love I’ve lived here since.

1964 I I have no know the country I left my native land Cuba when I was barely 12 years old so my memories of that air of that time of that era is very there very few memories very few memories 90% of my memories are in this country I grew here went to school elementary school here high school college university married here was converted here this is the land.

That I have learned to love and uh and I’d so when I came here first America had its troubles any land will have troubles but by I was a very safe place it was a very safe place normal place people lived their lives and people let other others leave their lives that is one of the things that I always loved about America that the fact that everybody lived their lives and let they let other people live their lives and I always admired that I.

Always loved that about America but something has changed something has happened and America has all we had always been.

Has always been a very good safe place to live any it is not like that anymore it is very violent.

People have turned very violent very aggressive very hateful and I believe that the reason for these the reason that this is happening and the reason why did not happen before has everything to do with the spiritual everything I remember when I first came to this country America was a praying country was a country that believed in God he was taught in the schools the.

Schools were taught to honor God to honor the flag the country the children were taught in the schools to submit to parents obey the parents and obey authorities and the teachers and the parents taught their children the same I remember back then even even Hollywood even the movies coming from Hollywood taught respect of authority taught to obey parents some of the movies even had a moral about it a moral story to tell it was a good time to be in.

America something’s wrong something’s.

Changed and to find the roots of what happened to America we have to go back I believe to the 1960s something happened in the 1960s we began to see the rise of Knox.

Gnosticism uncle tis ‘m we began to see the rise of Satanism witchcraft we began to see the rise of rebellion lawlessness.

In the world in the land we began to see schools prayers.

In the schools ceased we began to see in the schools children stopped hearing about God about the Bible children stopped hearing about morality they stopped hearing all these things and instead we began to see seeds of discord seeds of hatred seeds of lawlessness being planted all over the country we began.