Tesla Wireless Electricity Explained

Tesla Wireless Electricity Explained

Tesla Colt here and right now I’m demonstrating running on my grounded receiver here is an incandescent bulb and an electric motor being transmitted through the air and over here I have a 3 watt LED on the ungrounded receiver which I brought into tuned with the two metal balls you see they’re running off the sympathetic energy of the receiver.

The grounded receiver here the transmitter is approximately four feet away and.

Yourself how is it I’m able to transmit this level of power wirelessly and I’m going to explain that right now and how this differs from standard radio technology now with a radio antenna you have a tuned circuit in series with say a wire antenna like this standard radio antenna and now you apply a high voltage to this antenna what you’re going to see is Coronas.

Is properly tuned coming off the end Corona is coming off the tip of.

The antenna now what that is is the electromagnetic energy breaking off the antenna and traveling out into space in which case you have a high level of losses because you have a continuous flow of energy into space now in the case of a Tesla antenna it’s similar in respects to tuning in a lot of ways.

However the antenna is capacitive and so even in high voltages unless you have a break off point like a short point electromagnetic energy is far less likely to escape this type of antenna and this this is a primary difference between Tesla technology and.

Standard radio technology for example with a radio antenna you tune your antenna to minimize reflection because any reflection coming back into the source it turns up.

As heat in your amplifier and.

Just lost energy while with the Tesla system you’re you’re maximizing your reflection and reducing as much electromagnetic transmission as possible any electromagnetic radiation in the two Tesla transmitter it would be considered wasted energy and this is here’s the primary difference is that with radio the energy is traveling through space and the resistance of the medium from antenna from transmitter to receiver while on the Tesla system you were capacitively couple transmitter and receiver so that you’re not transmitting into space you have an oscillating electrostatic field so to speak the dielectric.

Be a more accurate term to use that was a term was created by Charles Proteus Steinmetz by the way but it’s a capacitive type coupling so what you get is a high frequency oscillating electrostatic field at the domes of the antenna and any-any break off energy any arcing is essentially lost energy in a tesla transmitter that’s the primary difference between radio technology and Tesla technology is the type of coupling and it’s why you’re able.

To transfer so much energy in the circuit because these are essentially acting as a single circuit where you have the resistance of the ground between them to two antennas and the.

Capacitive coupling in the in the air as opposed to the rate.

Regular radio you have basically resistance on the ground and resistance through the air and you have a great deal of resistance losses not to mention as the energy travels out you know you you get losses due to the area that the energy spreads so the further.