Busking Abroad – Should I Travel Europe? Experiences, Advice And Information

Busking Abroad – Should I Travel Europe? Experiences, Advice And Information

Hi guys this would be just a very quick video essentially summarizing my experiences over the summer and offering some recommendations this video is aimed to anybody who particularly fancies a trip Bushkin around of Western Europe so look at their background I decided that I fancied going abroad and doing some busking and trying them where possible to fund my.

Just with play music now I’m like ooh stick interest and singer certainly went at Bursk anyway and I’ve hoped at least that I would claw something.

Back perhaps not all the trip you know I never intended to make entirely what I spent back but I.

Hope that I’d make a reasonable sum of money that would at least perhaps pay for the petrol that I would use to travel Europe I.

Bought a Citroen B lingo which others you don’t know is a bit like a van based car and it’s technically insured as a car but it’s very big inside and I’m probably gonna add some pictures to this video.

I actually added a bed into the back I took out the back seats.

And built a wooden platform and put a mattress on top with some storage underneath and and yeah I decided that that would be a good way to travel I didn’t really.

Intend to stay in any hotels or hostels unless I really needed to I thought if I could save that expense where possible and sleep in the van that would make a lot of sense I planned a three-week trip so you can see the route that I took around Europe to start with I’m going to talk about my method of transport and where I slept and.

How sort of good that was so the van was was comfortable it was nice to drive around I didn’t spend a penny or a euro us and on accommodation we slept in service stations which was always free we never actually.

Got stopped by anybody I’m not sure if what we were doing was technically within the rules I know in this country they tend to have a two-hour limit but for us sleeping in service stations was free and.

Convenient and it meant that we could spend the daytime in each city we could do.

The drive into the next city the night before pull up in a service station about 10 miles outside of.

The city centre and drive straight in to start busking during the day the one big drawback to driving around Europe isn’t you know the road layout you get very used to that very quickly but it’s the expense of it a lot of the.

The countries further east in Europe actually require their own permits as well as far as I was concerned it was only Switzerland an Austria that required a permit but.

Slovakia and the Czech Republic also require you to have a permit they’re not hugely expensive but it’s definitely a cost that begins to mount up the toll roads that are used in other countries without these.

Permits are actually even more expensive the drive that we did from Leon in France to Milan in Italy cost us 85 euros in toll roads for what was I think only about a four hour drive in hindsight I probably should have bought.

A diesel because fuel is much cheaper over there on the.

Whole I would suggest that unless you plan to sleep in the back of your car you should definitely travel by rail or fly between cities if you can keep your gear down to a minimum but come on to in a second I wouldn’t recommend driving we spent an average of.

Two days in each city and we did three and a half thousand miles.

Whole trip in three weeks which is a lot of driving and certainly doesn’t leave you much time to get a bit merry with the beer which you’re gonna want to taste.

In Germany I would say that travelling with a partner is definitely the best thing to do I think it means if you have a bad day busking you’ve got somebody to vent to if you have a good day you have somebody to celebrate with and the drive in can be very tiring having somebody to talk to is a lot better than the radio and it makes a big difference the security side of things sleeping in a.

Van you probably going to want somebody with you the only upside to driving I would.

Say is the fact that you can sleep in the back of it and that did save a considerable amount of money for us again a problem for me was the fact that I couldn’t actually have a drink when you were Munich you’re gonna want a few beers and and that was quite difficult to do.

Giving them out how to drive to the next city probably the next day so moving on to the specifics of the actual busking I’d sort of checked the cities before I left for the trip and emailed the local councils possible looks where I needed a permit given my experiences in the UK where the rules are there but not so strictly enforced I thought the same would apply in there and unfortunately as.

I seen found out that’s not the case besides I.

Think Brussels where with a permit you can use one there wasn’t a single city that I went to where amplification was actually permitted she was Frankfurt in Germany I was stopped by a very sort of heavy-handed policeman he find me.

Confiscated some of my cables having initially told me that he would confiscate my amplifier which is worth about 100 pounds I offered to leave to pack up to disappear I said I’m parked in the in the in the metro car park I will literally leave right now and you know he still confiscated some.

Of my gear maybe signed paperwork agreeing into a fine which I’m yet to receive but I do expect to come in the post at some point so definitely if you plan.

To travel and Bursk in Europe do not bring an amplifier it’s pointless wasn’t usable anywhere and if the police were to find you using one you do face a fine especially as a foreigner they can tell from a mile away and they will deal with you in probably quite a bad way you no matter how polite you.

Are consider myself quite a polite person but this particular policeman in Frankfurt was having none of it so do.

Not travel preamplifier you will burn out your voice if you’re not careful so that’s something.

That you really need to look at and you need to practice and make sure that you can sing loudly because these cities that I.

I went to were very very busy okay so moving on to how much you can expect to make in Europe and cities varied quite significantly Munich was definitely the most lucrative city as was Salzburg that was a close second I would.

Say that it’s realistic to assume that in most cities that deal.