Nintendo Switch Youtube Update News Social Media Apps Coming Soon

Nintendo Switch Youtube Update News Social Media Apps Coming Soon

Hey hey hey what’s happening guys this shit got DQ’d here here at the pop Thomson on his channel and we’re here give me a guys some updated news on a new update that was actually released on a Nintendo switch we’re actually finally getting you two to be downloadable on November 8th that’s right guys that’s literally next week we.

Are getting it on Thursday November 8th and I’m so excited to.

Be able to share this because the fact is it has been well long overdue to be able to have these.

Updated apps on our actual Nintendo consoles and now that we’re being able to get this release I’m really excited for what other additional apps will actually be available for the Nintendo switch we actually and my humble opinion I thought that they were actually going to release these type of apps like Netflix you know and.

Being able to have twitch or you know mixer or just any other app social networking Maps Facebook as well.

On an app when Nintendo online service came out but because of the fact they did and it was quite a little bit disappointing just getting a Nintendo online service and the original retro games but now that we’re seeing.

That they’re getting YouTube on the Nintendo switch here on 8th I’m really excited to be able to say that you know we’re gonna definitely be expecting to see Netflix and Facebook and Twitter and things like that being put on the social networks on a Nintendo switch so let me make sure you let me know in the comments below what you guys are looking forward to I’m really excited about this because again you know Nintendo.

Has definitely been putting out great content and improving its service and.

Now that we have Super Smash Brothers coming.

Out on next month and a lot of other games that’s coming on and following year I am just really ecstatic to be able to see what we have in store for the upcoming services I’m hoping and that we would get a chat support where there’s.

An updated chat support where we can actually send messages through our friends lists on our internal search so therefore we can be able to have a better communication because using services like discord or.

You know Skype or Facebook message or you know those are fine but we want to be able to incorporate more in-game chat with our friends and having party chat so therefore we can be able to not have to utilize so many of the other services outside of the actual Nintendo console itself so definitely a thumbs up for.

Nintendo allowing YouTube and as well as if you’re here at this channel and you never you’re just discovering this definitely hit that like button and subscribe because again we’re gonna be doing updated content like this don’t.

A daily basis Let’s Plays as light as well you can also follow me on Facebook where I’m doing live streaming currently playing on right there redemption 2 is at the time of this video and again definitely we want to inform you guys one more updated content so again this is your guide DQ here at the pop-tart sanajeh show and this again.

This is where awesome people come to watch I’ll see you guys at the next video peace..