Ads Digital Smart Home

Ads Digital Smart Home

Hello I’m Steve from AVS digital I am the audio-visual director of the company and I’m in charge of overseeing projects that involve smart home installations we’re currently on a project in st. Albans where we’ve been asked to centralize the smart home system hi I mean silverstein I’m the owner of home house I built the house three years ago.

The first time I’ve ever done a house bill which was a certain experience it’s a three year.

Bill I was recommended to these guys by a good friend of.

I think it’s always good to get good personal recommendation yeah it’s been a seamless process it being enjoyable the guys have done a great job I’ve now got a house that has wonderful convenient technology emphasizing the word convenient but it’s really easy.

To use you should be frightened of Technology with these guys they talk me through it hand by hand and you know the end of the day I’m really happy with what.

Was strongly recommended hi I’m Malik squash and I am one of three directors of 80s digital we first started out as just myself Dave and.

Steve with an idea of setting up a television company to install aerial satellites and and then 11 years on we’ve grown into a team of 20 staff and our work is now very diverse in terms of projects that.

We do and sort of undertake so debris.

To fulfill all of these requirements which included security the lighting TV distribution sound heating and we had to try and manage all of.

That within these requirements I think.

It just makes my life more convenient it gives me more control I’m aware of what’s going on in my head there I’m able to change things in my house remotely unable to even assist people that are in my house but maybe aren’t as technology savvy so when people is staying like and I’m not here I can kind of change things with my house.

It just gives me the control of making my life more convenient I have this kind of feel to it if it’s going to make my life easier my life like in a convenient and in technology I will in breaks I love technology I embrace technology but it’s all about.

Convenience for me it’s about having a home where you don’t see the technology but it does what you wanted to do makes your life easy on the convenience we specialize in keeping everything hidden away we match the clients requirements as.

Best as we can and we can offer everything from lighting security TV and sound from an aerial install in a residential home to a smart home.

Setup we deal with domestic clients commercial clients we deal with all different sectors being.

Hospitals care homes pubs so we feel that we can cater for any need any occasion and any any enquiry you.