Security Features Of Different Countries Notes

Security Features Of Different Countries Notes

Alagoas on Teixeira in this video I will tell you the security features of different countries note and my country India so let’s start and you will light I will tell you it’s we just got features so let’s start first let’s start with China the scottie features boom see you can see this the big one here and it’s backside.

Only frontside it have security feature one here and.

See this there is only one one only one single one when I start the UV light it become – okay next next is Thailand now start with.

The UV light you have white white mount first like this from back there also white rights okay the next continue Singapore now.

We will take under this note until UV light bomb see oh it is like the China known.

China again in dollar which written is $2 number two dollar days under small to here you can see see only one two is here see this not there to comes Singapore $2 from back it is nothing okay next is Malaysia we take this note under UV light bomb there is no in front we will do in backside yeah see this and take this there’s like a.

Satellite when we take under this note into UV light there is written like one you can see one only one feature is there okay next note is United uh by Emirates now the we will take this note under UV light bomb see there is nothing in this when I take this note into UV light.

It days five written and this fort has Eagle C it has nothing here when we will turn into UV light it have Eagle from back it is from back it is nothing the last country.

Is my India now 200 rupees not now the way I take under UV light from back see there’s a really white field here only one square two features there next it is 500 rupees new note it is the last note now.

We will take this note on the UV light bomb from back again this wheel is here in all the India notes the release there okay guys.

Thank you for the video I hope you will I hope you enjoy my video okay thanks bye.