Paranormal Mysteries With Sacha Christie And Guest John Hanson

Paranormal Mysteries With Sacha Christie And Guest John Hanson

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You have any comments or concerns please feel free to contact us hello welcomes paranormal mysteries on access Northwest here we are again if you missed Sunday show you can listen on Tuesday and you can also check out.

By paranormal mysteries on a and W Facebook page which is paranormal mysteries on a and W and I’ve got a Switzer page which is also paranormal mysteries but I’ve no idea what I’m doing and there’s probably about seven people there so today’s guest it’s got terrible cough got a cold love starts ham here isn’t it walking through the forest oh well this is John Hanson everybody and I met John I think in 2007 I.

Went to stay with Brenda actually I kept to stay with you first even though I came to stay with you and Dan I can see you on the thirty now with a glass of wine people who don’t know John Hanson is author of.

Haunted skies in the encyclopedia of UFO sightings over the decades each book is a decade’s worth of information and certain sightings from ordinary folks.

Just like you and me and some.

Of them are just out out there you know obviously because they all are really out there I mean you can’t get anything.

More sensational than this so I went to see John and Dawn and then I went to see.

Brenda Butler and we had a walker Forrest I had a terrible night at Brandon Brenda’s but that’s for another show happen then I went.

Not mum stayed with Jeanette and PAL France but yeah that trip to the forest was my first trip down there and we went to algebra didn’t wait was it algebra yeah oh the Black Swan and we.

Stayed there no we did stay though that was the second time I went okay now all muscled up but yeah it was actually a really interesting night because after noon because we got to the pub didn’t wait to talk to Pete Saxon who was the landlord and he’d had his own site in and I remember that.

His laptop I mean it was play and they all went weird we could get paranoid if we wanted to and think we’re all in part and the government is out to get us.

And that but but anyway we went down there and the crazy thing about it is this place is in software keeps new Rendlesham forest and so obviously there’s a plethora of sightings down there from God knows our decades and decades ago and when we were in the pub and we were chatting to the landlord before the end before we left we.

Had a table of about 10 people and everybody was trying to tell us about their own sightings weren’t they correct yeah we could have stayed there all day taking notes but.

Yeah so we went into the forest away and I told you off for shuffling and.

Then we did I’m sorry doing quite as you told me awful wasn’t for the cat for the torch for shuffling you were you were he was shuffled in your bag and zip in things up and put that bloody tour chop you I think Perry so it seems it’s probably a couple of satellites that we were getting excited about because they were both sort of traveling at the same speed and you know equidistant distance apart obviously and so it’s probably nothing but we all went blind so I told you off about that.

But then we didn’t talk for ages did away so they didn’t participate people move apart as opposed and yeah yeah I just just got on my life but I continued to go to Rendlesham forest quite a lot over the years I always remember walking along one of the forest tracks and a number of paper had said to me something like all.

You know have you seen the red balls of light moving up have you seen the figures and I used.

Never smiled I was very serious and I said well I’ve never had the opportunity of seeing them and inwardly I thought mmm listen imaginations and then I I was too soon change.

My my opinions after witnessing not only their ports of stones which are levitated by an unknown agency for one verb in a word and also I thought a grafter things that you.

Know certainly inexplicable objects and at the end of the day I suppose like chocoalte I would say ah I I don’t know I can’t tell you what they are but after having witnessed that inexplicable stuff well of.

Course I took far more notice of people that told me very strange tales well indeed and obviously down there everybody has something series everyone has something weird don’t do them and I know exactly what.

You mean with them stones because one landed in front.

Of us when we went down I thought it was 2010 and they’re not cold are they and yeah I just have to warm did it if there’s people you.

Know like because a lot of people wander around the forest at night I thought well maybe somebody’s had it.

In the pocket and yeah yeah yeah they’ve kind of like thrown it in front of us or whatever because you used to get tales of what we call them Rendlesham czar me because they would all be out in camouflage all that so you want to seen them so I don’t know about that and now things I do apart that’s what they.

Call it and I do know that that place is very very.

Strange and in fact talking to Charles halt who was the deputy base commander.

The people’s benefit of Bentwaters which. well it was the US Air Force who were actually stationed there but it’s an it’s an RAF station from the Second World War I do believe so it was an American base back in 1980 when there was a series of events that went.

Off over the Christmas weekend and when I spoke to Charles halt who was the deputy base commander at the time he and I was trying to talk to him about what might have occurred and I’ve seen something on Ghost Adventures believe it or not with a red light traveling through the forest so I sent a clip to him of that and.

I mentioned obviously that I thought it might have been a military thing military in exercise yeah yeah he does not believe that whatsoever and Who am I to tread on anybody’s dreams I wasn’t actually there so he told me.

To read the book hunt for the.