2 3 Installing On Linux

2 3 Installing On Linux

Now we’ll demonstrate how to install Python 3 on Ubuntu Linux to install Python on Linux you’ll want to use your systems package manager for this course we’ll show how to install Python on a recent version of Ubuntu but the process is very similar on most other modern Linux distributions on ubuntu first start the Ubuntu Software Center this can.

Usually be run by clicking its icon in the launcher alternatively you can run it from the dashboard by searching on Ubuntu.

Software Center and clicking.

The selection once you’re in the software Center enter the search term python 3.

3 in the search bar in the upper right hand corner.

And press return one of the results you get will say python v 3.

3 and smaller type beneath it select this entry.

And click the install button that appears you may need to enter your password to install the software at this point you should now see a progress indicator appear which will disappear.

When the installation is complete open a terminal using ctrl alt T and verify that you can run Python 3.

The command line welcome to Python the triple arrow prompt shows.

That Python is waiting for your input.