Collabs | I Got To Do Lea Elui's Makeup!

Collabs | I Got To Do Lea Elui's Makeup!

Hey everyone so we have a super super super amazing and special guest that I’m such a huge fan of she is instagrams most famous belly dancer and you guys have all seen those crazy videos maybe you’re gonna teach me yeah we’ll see how it goes she’s also very wise I have to tell you guys and the cutest person.

In the entire world I actually ran out of here for like two seconds I had to grab a product and my sisters were like how’s Leah I don’t think oh my god I am so obsessed with her she’s just like the sweetest cutest most warm most loving oh.

You are you are like she’s made me want to.

Cry a million times but she’s so cute yeah we were about to cross just she’s.

Like innately cute and like sweet.

And like you know I want to cry all over again she’s.

Like you instantly brought her to Dubai and you’re gonna come back to write whenever I can she’s gonna come back again but today we wanted to bring her in to do a really nice makeover on her super simple and.

It’s super natural because she’s so beautiful and we didn’t want to take her out of her comfort zone yeah we.

Wanted to keep her really nice and natural and so she doesn’t need a lot pretty new you add it your touch sprinkle a little sprinkle literally okay so I’m gonna begin with Leah’s face I’m gonna first start by priming her.

Skin just cuz I asked to remove all her makeup so I want to make sure that she has a really.

Nice about primer skin is hydrated you’re so cute she’s like the cutest person in the world no her cuteness does not show on camera like it does but the level make sure you watch her on the office and all of our team was.

Like so how do you say your full-name on it here is olya Louie how do you say salut you like Louie Louie yes yeah and sometimes your French accent comes out a little bit it’s so sexy so this is your first time to Dubai right yes do you like.

It I love are you gonna do some fun things oh no mama I’m gonna go send boring I didn’t know that exists just really quickly I’m just gonna apply a little bit.

Of primer the matte perfection just basically because she gets shiny on her nose so this will help her I’m getting shinier I wish my daughter could meet you she’s freaked out she knows me yeah really everybody knows you know yeah she knows you for sure my husband knows you my dad I think knows you your dad my dad I.

Wish she was here any belly dances no one not very good but does my dad I need your eyes yeah I see you know he’s like fighting he likes to like have fun I know you like it extend your life so we went ahead and Shay we shade match Lee yeah she’s about 254 cheesecake I’m gonna take a little bit of this she does not wear a lot of makeup and she’s so beautiful we don’t want to put a lot of makeup on her so we’re gonna keep it a.

Little bit more on the natural side and I’m taking that cheesecake I put a full pump it’s way too much so we’re not.

Gonna use all this okay so this is cheesecake I’m gonna mix just a slight amount of the overachiever and.

We’re gonna take the shade of coconut flakes we’re gonna put it there.

And both of these are really highly pigmented and again Lia doesn’t that like to wear usually too much makeup she doesn’t need it so we’re gonna keep it really really nice and natural I’m actually gonna use a softer brush our.

Brush that we have for it is too far it’s gonna be two.

Of these I’m going in with the zoeva the 126 brush just dispersing the product all over her face just to give me a.

Really nice natural layer and I’m gonna go in with my sponge and really spread that around it’s so funny because I see when you meet people all the time everybody’s like so excited how do you feel when you see people like because you like you look excited too like my followers yeah you always look so excited to my fours are like my friends oh I can’t really have a friendship with them I can I see that but I can also.

See how they feel like you’re their friend also yeah you know because you have such a like a warm heart yeah it’s so beautiful to see that like it’s a connection they have with them you know that is so amazing so what do you love about make.

It what I like about makeup is that you can wear blue ice or a lot mm-hmm I like to wear a lot just when it comes about colors yeah you.

Do fun colors I love yellow.

Too I saw and I was like oh my god it’s funny because you know makeup really is something that is like so much fun to play with mm-hmm you know and a lot of people like start.

Becoming so dependent on it yeah like it’s so funny when I saw make up and then I would go out and people would see me and I wasn’t wearing makeup and they’d be like hi dad like how did you know.

It’s me oh no I’m not wearing makeup every different person but it’s actually really healthy to not wear so much makeup sometimes yeah I know because you do begin.

When I have when I have a lot of pimples yeah we helped yeah not wearing makeup of course yeah there’s actually some makeup I feel that makes acne better like the dry there’s some acid sulfur is amazing what’s your favorite song to dance to I love every songs 19 yeah everything I.

Like everything you do really cool things with the music she’s like she does it right oh it’s so cool you know it’s so funny and I used to belly dance a long time ago but then I really didn’t think it’s hard yeah you have to practice but I think that’s why I do have a little bit of ABS.

Yeah he’s gonna feel it right yeah if I wouldn’t Billy does I wouldn’t even know but it’s such a workout yeah right for your core you like to the back in the ABS that’s the only reason why.

I want to do with you is opening your abs I do want to I want to get back into.

It but I’m not I just want the ABS I’m lazy yeah I just want your apps are amazing yeah maybe they are okay so I’m.

Just gonna apply a little bit of concealer underneath her eyes actually do it I’m gonna wait to apply the concealer cuz I’m gonna contour first cuz we don’t want to put too much makeup on her what do you love the most like what is like your favorite thing in the world like dancing would you love to sing I like to sing but I really don’t know how to your dancing is insane so you’re definitely no music for sure you know some.

People just like no music yeah yeah your dancing is like but you know like you just get the muse like the beats and everything all the beats yeah like if I don’t get all the beats I’m like I’m like not good after so you’re so sick you’re so serious about it yes ma’am oh I’m.

Always having fun if I don’t have fun I’m just don’t post it I agree cuz I wouldn’t like people that watch me to have fun with me yeah I’m sure there’s like.

So many people there like in the world who when they see your videos and.

Become so happy hey you know really sometimes they have like you know hard day or something or whatever is happening in their life and then like that kind of you know like how helps them.

Like reset you know which is so great you know it’s like the beauty of like the way like the world is now you can touch people okay you’re like such a way I’m just so amazing we’re putting a really small amount of concealer only yeah so it’s so great as a concealer.

Is so buildable Oh like thing yeah coold yeah actually let me show you so.

You can do this it’s sunny Wow yeah and it feels so good yeah and you can actually use it to fight I need them yeah it’s so great you have to put.

It like in like you know no no no the material is actually called sumac and it stays.

Cold yeah it actually stays cold so cool yeah it’s so amazing I know and it’s so good like for concealer because.

It helps with the puff you know like when you’re.

Tired and there’s puffiness oh my god it’s so great it’s so so so so helpful so I’m gonna put a little bit of easy-bake under your eyes so this is gonna be a little bit heavier but I’m gonna keep it more like for you it looks like yeah two minutes ago I don’t like it you don’t have dogs that goes trust me do.

You have a youtube channel yes I do now that’s really good oh you should do a lesson on YouTube the lesson.

Yeah sorry oh yeah you say oh my god even I will watch that so thank you yeah you know cuz I know like a like a lot of like kids love the dancing but I want to see how it’s easy yeah oh my god you should totally do that okay you’re sweet you I guess I’ll do your.

It too the one that I used all the time that’s so good the brush is also so good I agree your brows are amazingly full like you really don’t need too much very and I just take the pencil.

Because you know it’s like detail yeah it’s actually so important you know what I think is.

So important like contouring and like brows and lips like those are really changed like the shape.

Of your face and so like depending on like the way the makeup is mm-hmm it really changes the way and I feel like when.

You do your eyebrows like in a different shape you can’t change everything so much I don’t know how to change it do you do I do but so the brows almost everybody’s rather different so it’s important to make them the same mm-hmm like.

When you can make them the same oh my gosh the whole face changes like you you made.

Them like fake yeah and I like it you like this when I do them I do them like really like in the fact I like it light very like a feels so soft yeah me too yeah yeah your brows always.

Look good though I always look like easy to browse but you know makeup look you play like.