Part 2: How To Become More Organized And Productive With April Perry

But I want to switch gears and I want to talk about your program today because you really do help everyone but let’s focus on busy moms because that’s who’s listening here we’re all busy let’s let’s talk a little bit about what are some of the things that we miss April like what do we misunderstand about life productivity organization.

Like I am asking for myself stuff selfishly here April like help me help our listeners but mostly help me like what are we misunderstanding what do you think the big thing is problems we face with this are yes alright so I use the analogy of a car to explain how a system.

Works if you are I would say most people are symbolically walking through life right now when they could be driving.

A car now nothing’s wrong with walking through life but for most people they’re spending hours a week rearranging apologizing looking for things right losing things that’s super normal so what we do is we teach people essentially how you build a car we call it our command central now you.

Know if you had four tires and an engine in your driveway it’s great but it’s not gonna get you anywhere because you need the whole car what most mothers.

Have is just what they’ve been taught which is like a to-do list and a calendar and maybe a stack of piles on the kitchen counter right I mean that’s really all you ever learn is.

Though you make a list you have a calendar so I would compare that to mothers only having some tires and.

An engine they don’t have the car so what we do is we teach people.

Well here’s how you build a whole command central which basically consists of things that are.

On your brain so things like your calendar your list but organized a certain way things you do on a weekly basis it’s incredibly important for every mother especially if you’re an entrepreneur to have a weekly review knowing what you’re reviewing projects routines things like that and you have things that are totally off your brain because what most moms do is we keep everything on our brains all at the same time so the.

Things you want to do 20 years from now and meaning what you need to do next week and that piece of paper that needs to go to the doctor.

On Friday but first you have to get a blood test and you’ve got to make a phone call we keep all of that on our kitchen counters and we call flat surface disease most mothers have flat surface disease and so and this is the norm this is how I grew up I totally.

Grew up with an awesome mom who had flat surface he’s in Sochi pile everything in boxes and she’d move it to the back room when guests came over and then she moved it all back out and when you add digital clutter into that most most mothers are dealing with digital chaos where I can’t even find that file it takes me 20 minutes to find this one thing and so we just end up wasting a lot of time spinning your wheels so what I.

Do have helped people learn how you actually step back build your system and then every single idea.
Task paper has a place in it as long as.

You do be clear with you and just keep up with your teams but what this has done is instead of me trying to be an entrepreneur who’s like okay let me get all the kids where they need to go and everyone get out of the house and now my house is a mess but I’m on the.

Computer trying to do a blog or you know.

Figure out how to build a business now it’s not like that now got routines in place kids can go where they need to.

Go we all pick up the house together I can sit down I know exactly what I need to do to work on my business that day I can go.

To bed at night with a clean house and emails at zero and everything’s organized and I have.

No stress around the stuff that’s the dream that I have for the world yeah oh that’s.
So good and you really do paint that picture so accurately because that’s.

The reality we live in you know just this morning April I did a facebook live within our business Boutique Academy group and I’m just kind of doing some kickoffs for the week of like thoughts for the week and I was talking about that exact thing not even thinking about house and me talking you today I said you know I said David Allen talks about this in.

His book getting things done of how we your.

Brain is for having ideas and I’m holding.

Yeah and it’s when we try to hold them that we get very stressed and overwhelmed trying to exactly like you said trying to think about all the things at one time well one of the items on my to-do list cuz I’m so.

Guilty of this and I was this was my thing for.

The Facebook life for the Academy group I said.

Okay here I do this as well we’re gonna stop doing it this week here’s an example on my to-do list there is the line-item Conley’s birthday Conley’s birthday April processor.

That has 400 to-do lists within that one thing and so I think you know we just put down these cryptic notes thinking that’s helping ourselves but then we look at our to-do list and your brain is trying to translate what the cryptic notes mean which then creates.

More energy and stress in the did not help us at all so talk.

To us a little bit about what I know you have the command central but you also have.

The difference between projects yeah and routines and tasks so give us that definition.

Companies birthday do you want to just talk to you about for a second so first of all you need to have a list of Kristi’s current projects and that includes three.

Categories so personal projects that’s stuff for you things like oh I’m training for a race or I’m you know trying to get a better routine to drink.

Green smoothies or you know something like that I know you’re a super health chair then you have projects for your family so a family project would be cottony that’s where that goes it goes.

On your current projects list that you review weekly and then beyond that would be your work or someone who’s listening that’s your business and so you should have just seven or eight projects total through those three lists I would recommend no more than three per category so I have my personal lists actually have mine hanging on my wall right here.

But I have my personal list I have my family.

List and then for business I only have two or three projects that I’m allowed to work on during a certain time until it’s done and the project leaves then you can bring another one on but so Conley’s birthday goes on my family now going through your project planning sitting down for 20.

Minutes would probably be your next action to sit down and let’s just plan out what we want for Connolly’s birthday let’s do a project plan we’re.

Going to say what’s my outcome for it am i having friends over we inviting guests are we keeping it small.

Are we doing photos like what are we what do we want for this and you paint this beautiful picture of.

This vision for Connie’s birthday but then once you’re able to go through and start separating it into these like little sub projects like oK we’ve got food we’ve.

Got guests we’ve got you know decorations whatever it is then you create next actions and.

I’m just going to show you my next actions list I keep this in my little planner okay.

So can you see it it’s organized by things.

Calls to make things to do on the computer and on the side I have errands things to discuss and then this is my things to pray about a little list of things pretty much okay so then what you.

Would do is once you’ve put together your project for economy’s birthday you’d think okay well what’s.

A very next action what’s something I could do this week in order to move that forward so tell me what’s like one of the very first things you need to do you have a date set okay you have a date set and.

Things but in no particular one right like some going on Amazon I’m just buying some stuff like some Mickey Mouse ears I have rented Mickey Mouse’s tempo to our house I have made that okay I have no decorations no plan for food okay and invitations.

I have a digital copy and have yet to figure out how to print so okay I’m writing so you’d have all that right on your processor but let’s say your next action was just to sit down a planet do you need to talk with your husband or a party planner anyone else oh I guess I should.

Shut no no so maybe a good next action this would go under Matt right sorry little heart that’s to discuss I put things they need talk to.

Eric about right on there so you might say hey before I go get planning and start figuring out this big party I need to have a discussion with my husband and go over the plans and that’s gonna be done no.

This would be on your little list but the way you remember to do it this is something that you’re just kind of checking throughout the day I get a new one every week okay but you make a calendar trigger so you’d think okay if I need to talk to Matt I might not be able to talk to him today when’s the latest I could talk to him without feeling stressed about the party like what would you say mm-hmm okay what.

Date what’d you say well see okay for Matt nine knowing my.

Husband I could talk to him literally five minutes before and I was so grateful if we talked.

At all my husband however we got to give him a good one right like he is a detail person he.

Is cautious so if I need Matt to make a decision on Saturday for example I need to start talking to.

Him about Tuesday so he can think about it Wednesday we can talk some more Thursday think and talk Friday Saturday by god let’s make a decision all right that’s how that’s always so then on Tuesday you have a calendar trigger for whatever you think you’re gonna be near Matt the end of the day would I write saying hey that was my reminder I need to make sure I’ve talked to him by today but the.

Beauty is once you have that calendar trigger you know that’s your next.

Action you’ve got your project details put together now you’re not gonna forget to talk to him and once you’re.

Done you can take the next next two actions and you can say okay now that Matt and I are on the same page he’s actually gonna take a few of these errands or a couple of these phone calls or he’s gonna help me figure out how to print this thing he’s gonna take that now my steps are on you to do this errand this computer and.

You just put it where it needs to go and this fills in those little pockets of time most people waste on social media get a little idea so that’s just kind of a general overview but that’s the key is if you can separate calendar tasks from like the basics I.

Have nothing on my calendar except what I have to do that day then you have routines on autopilot these.

Are things like exercising and.

You know tidying up the house with the kids family prayer checking your email posting to social media all those things that are your routines those are on autopilot so they’re on a routines list I actually have mine I’ll.

Show you I have my routine spelled out here daily weekly monthly quarterly yearly kind of put them all together but that’s a little way you can have routines kind of on autopilot.

Or you could put them on to your there’s lots of digital resources like asana use for machines but routines are autopilot not on your task list and then your projects simple focused list and you have a feeder list for projects.

And the reason this is important is because let’s say someone comes to your business.

They’re getting so many ideas and they go to five classes and they all these conversations and they leave with a ton of notes and about 40 projects that they want to do so what happens with most of us is we go home feeling like well now I have a longer list.

To feel stressed then you don’t even want to go get ideas anymore because you feel.

A vacuum cleaner that’s totally stuffed that hasn’t been cleaned out you’re like I’ve been sucking in so much I’m not even able to process it so what you do is you take all those projects and.

You put them on your next in line or your someday list or if there’s one you got you think okay this is gonna change my life you put it on your current.

List but you get everything else off that’s not essential and.

What this does for you is it enables you to then read and listen to podcasts and go to conferences and you’re continually growing this next in line in some day list but then what happens if the best ideas bubble to the top that is how I’ve been able to invest in conferences all over and use them to actually go into my business and start earning an income that could sustain us I love it I love that advice too because so many people ask me a lot of times April they’ll.