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I think I’m ready to jump out the window so I just want to know why there isn’t a waffle drive-through I don’t want to go in and sit down I just want to eat my card hi can I do the Grande violet drink everything yes that’s gonna be it hello welcome oh that’s really far away let’s get a.

Little hello welcome back to my channel if you’re new here I’m cadence welcome yeah so I ordered a drink I haven’t tried before which.

Is shocking because I’m a youtuber and all they drink is pink drinks and clean drinks and violet drinks and blue buds thank you have a great day I’ve never ordered this before it’s the violet drink this lighting is literally everything love that so um it’s I think it’s just a very very hibiscus with the coconut milk but let’s give it a try oh my god that is so good I’ve been missing out this whole time.

I’ve been missing out this whole.

Time on that I kind of want a hash browns up to mushrooms so what we’re doing is I’m going to assume that no it’s been before but my mom told me that they have like oh my gosh so hot about the guy pigs like the worker there was something like the manager yes he picked like what’s gonna be.

35 cents like that day so I’m.

Really hyped up this is number two shea butter don’t bid at this particular difficult I’ve only donated here I haven’t shopped here so I’m excited um nope Friday and Saturday I will be in Disneyland I’m so excited because we’ve never.
Done that anyway usually when they go for.

A day but we’re doing the two day park hopper pass and I’m so excited we’re staying on property I’m really excited so get ready for that vlog that should be up Sunday so you know and this will be Thursday’s vlog so okay I’m getting stressed it says it’s ten o’clock they just opened the doors which is exciting so I’m gonna go in but there’s like so many people here and this lady is like trying to get in and then this lady’s finally open the door so I’m gonna go in now I.

Don’t think I really want to vlog in there someone just put my camera my backpack and I’ll tell you about the success so I guess you could say thrift shop full of tons of clothes a really cool jacket I have four bags of stuff and I’m gonna go home and do a try on for you so first item on the list that I’m.

Going to show you is this puffy jacket if you know anything about puffy jackets do you know that puffy jackets like these are normally like four hundred dollars like extremely expensive but this jacket is super – I’m obsessed.

With it and I got first deal of $30 the brand ona is Eddie Bauer which is just a really great brand it’s actually a man’s jacket and it’s just so super puffy I feel like a fat kid and I love that so yeah I drew number two with.

This super cute denim button-down shirt with little cats on there they had their little Christmas hats scarves on there and I thought it would be really.

Cute under sweaters and the sweater vest I ended up getting which you will see very shortly item number three is this cute little men’s cardigan looks like a little grandpa’s butter something cute little.

Old man would be right I love the art I love the colors just.

Great to throw on and go out the door when you’re in hurry got this cat for $0.99 great deal item number for you till sweater-vest put the cat shirt on under it and while I was trying it onto their store I thought a white shirt like this would be super cute under it I’m rare five is these pants I thought this.

Was kind of cute didn’t really know they’re a men’s pant they’re a little bit big but I kind of like I’m like that.

Because when I’m belt to them they’d fit pretty well and they’re kind of like an 80 staff pant I thought they looked pretty bomb so great deal for those and they came with the Bell I’m number six is this super cute shirt it’s like a off-the-shoulder shirt not really sure if it’s supposed to go down that far because of the seams but I thought it was a really cute really great quality super thing so item number.

7 na are obviously by favorite because you saw them earlier in the video love the dogs want to love this skirt plods really in and I love the shape of it they look really cute together and I usually don’t like these things my mom was actually shocked that I got the dog sweater but actually looks really cute with this skirt so we’re proud I’m number eight it’s just this black turtleneck which also will look cute with this skirt and my other pod skirt lastly item.

Number 10 is this cute little cookie jar my grandma actually got my mom my aunt and herself one years ago now wasn’t sure if we still had it and I really liked that cookie jar so I got this one and then my mom said oh how cute he has a little friend and I love it so yeah okay guys so that’s all I have.

For you today just a quick little Tryon and thrift shopping it was a success because I have worked it like one inch I don’t have time to go to Best Buy don’t come to any of that so I’ll probably do all that tomorrow but thank you so much for coming with me this was.

Honestly the most successful thrift shopping I’ve ever had I only spent $60 and 30 of it was on.

That puffy coat but it was and I know that’s a really great brand so to even get that for $30 when that’s normally in the hundreds was just a really great deal you know so that’s all I have for you today I have to get to editing.

This and we’re gonna have a great day I hope everyone has a really great day don’t forget to like subscribe share with your friends and leave some love in the comments.