Basic Pieces For A Modest Christian Wardrobe | #1

Hi ladies and welcome to grace with humility today I’m going to be discussing some ways that you can add basic pizza to your wardrobe to create a modest look in your closet so stay tuned whoa so I can be more like you one of my favorite thrift store finds is this high-low beautiful floral dress but it is sheer.

On the top and this is why getting a couple of different color tank tops comes in handy because now.
I can layer this up underneath the dress and it gives me coverage but.

Want to have your arms exposed.

You can wear a sweater cover-up and this is a really cute white peplum style sweater cover-up but my favorite way to wear dresses like this is to use my cropped jean jacket this jacket gives this dress and edgy look this shirt color fits this dress perfectly but it is sleeveless it’s a tank top so I paired it up with another crop jean jacket and it goes perfect with this skirt with.

The style of the skirt and it really makes it a cute ensemble but if it’s cold outside go ahead and take.

That jean jacket and pair it up with a pair of boots so you’ve taken this skirt from summertime to fall and.

You’ve given it a completely new look this is a sleeveless strapless high-low dress that I have covered up with my favorite Jean jacket and I have paired it with my brown boots so here’s another example on how you can cover up using basic pieces.
I love this pink skirt and I paired it up with a white tank top and of.

Course my blue jean jacket and boots just to make this more modest and warmer for wintertime so yes you can wear long skirts in cooler weather this outfit is for women who still wear pants and want to have a nice modest feminine look so I’ve taken my pink blazer paired it up with some flat my jeans are flared they are not skinny jeans and this just gives you a presentable modest look when you put these.

Items together I want to be more like I want to be more like I want to be more like me.