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The ninth of November 1888 by my deeds unknown and I know this Czech spring I took them all to my heart very uh nickels and II truly love them all but the immortal power I sought within the sordid come finds that their bodies are still beating organ of the soul which was the noise to no avail I am.

The rest and must therefore perform that bloody ritual upon myself there your hands act and listen to what I have to.

Say how did you find this place who are you my name is legion for we are many the immortal power that you.

Seek does exist it does indeed lying within the soul but only within certain ones certain stars what are you that you can produce such things from thin air merely a little smaller much like yourself what is it that you want from me you are an architect.

By trade I am and I have you build a cathedral to Spain a place where you and I and others like us may join together a place of asylum for all of the unique and misunderstood individuals will follow you at the time of Armageddon approaches and at the heart of asylum we shall construct a great dark engine powered by souls.

Of uncle Hugh and he shall harness their power to create an immortal army to punish and cleanse this pathetic world and where might I village potatoes of yours prosper in the dark amongst the restless spirits of those who have passed beyond in the.

Place known then if I’m to join you I must die prophecy we cannot fail.

For we are many for we are many amen to that Harmony’s call me what’s the problem magnetic I had a dream Shadowman a real bad dream i dead site three the five are here the herald of the apocalypse peak on fire confirms everything i see it.

Ancient prophecy tells a very town of a great evil to dead site a terrible force gathering dark souls 2 it’s darker heart and using their power to cross over into this world and bring about i must stop this evil from bringing about the end of all things oh if you can do it shadow man you were to.

Walk or between the world I can’t go there side and Jhansi’s next to useless in both well you are the only one who can do anything about this as it ever was but you ain’t never confronted anything like this even it’s so pure not even the ancient protectors other dark souls could destroy it it could only banish.

It from the dead side they knew where to come back one day hence the prophecy telling of its return the power of the Ancients is all but gone now and the dark souls that evil desires lie.

Unprotected what you gotta do shadow mine is to go dead side and recover the docs or keep them into your own.

Protection before evil god of them – it’s terrible heart okay so let me get this straight if I don’t recover these.

Dark Souls then the world’s gonna end am i right you bang look I gotta go I’ve got.

A lot to do take Deacons file and meet me at dawn at the charge on the hill I’ve kept your staff safe for you by shift just a pawn in Nettie’s master plan she moves me in mysterious wait and brother sometimes she really does move me and do nothing about it Stinson nice as you please she knitted my ribs into the mask of shadows I got nothing left anyways my fault instead the mom talked to I deserve ever tonight get every bad thing.