New Vs Used – Desktop Pcs – Amazon, Newegg, & Ebay

New Vs Used – Desktop Pcs – Amazon, Newegg, & Ebay

Hello and welcome to tech deals new versus used desktop PCs on Amazon eBay and Newegg welcome everybody Tech and broker here to do a livestream on YouTube talking about various options of new versus used pre-built versus custom build yourself we’re gonna go through a variety of options later in this stream we’re gonna answer some of your questions but.

If you are watching this and you just want the short sweet answer if you’d like.

The overview I’m gonna spend the first few minutes of this video of.

Of giving you a summary of the current state of the market in September of 2018 if you are not watching this live if you clicked on this video and you’re watching this publish to youtube and you don’t want to watch an hour of video that’s fine.

Just watch the next couple of minutes I’ll give you the summary but I’m sure there’ll.

Be a lot of good information in here so grab a cup of coffee sit back relax join rogue and I and we will spend about an hour or so talking about various PC options now here’s the.

Short sweet version you have new.

Versus used as something to consider and then you have custom-built versus buying a pre-built machine.

To consider and these are really separate decisions depending upon what you need most of this video this stream is going to be about pre-built machine’s not custom built I’ll briefly touch on it will answer some questions about it but this is mostly about buying a pre-built machine some of the biggest benefits to buying a pre-built machine are.

It arrives working there’s nothing to assemble there’s nothing to configure you don’t have to worry about inserting a card wrong or dropping it or having electrostatic discharge or the worst feeling you put the whole thing together and it doesn’t work I had.

This happen recently if you watch the video that published yesterday on YouTube I put the eight hundred dollar I 380 350 K system build together no video output the video card.
Was dead a brand new video card out of the box a sample sent.

To me by the company no less it happens it’s rare but it happens now for me that’s no big deal I go over.

To the shelf I grab another 10 50 TI and I keep on going but if you don’t have any spare parts what do you do the computer that I am streaming on right now is the $2,000 Cadillac build i7 8 700k that.

The channel when I put it has a 240 millimeter liquid cooler the pump to that was bad out of the box again same thing take it out.

Go to the shelf grab another 240 cooler continue on but that’s not an option most people have so if you just want something that to borrow a phrase from Nvidia it just works then you might want to consider a prebuilt sometimes they cost more but not always but you do have the.

Benefit of a single source of warranty a single source of support and if you buy it from.

Amazon and Newegg new and it arrives and doesn’t work don’t provide free return shipping and send you another one and you don’t have to fuss with it it’s not for everybody I know a lot of my audience likes to build their own.

Them will say well I can build that better I can build that with better parts or I can that I understand by all means Rocco and build a custom PC but we’re mostly going to talk about pre-built today new and.
Used and there are some phenomenal deals.

On used PCs now that’s the whole pre-built speech out of the way new versus used new cost more new gets you the latest technology new gets you the new stuff it gets you nvme SSDs sometimes it gets you the latest well.

Mostly because the 20 series hasn’t shown up in pre-built yeah but it gets you pretty good.

Latest and greatest hardware it gets you a warranty used used to get you more performance for the money we’re gonna take a.

Look at some deals here on knit on eBay.

For some incredible values for the money price to performance some of the used machines on ebay are just phenomenal deals generally no warranty beyond 30 days and a lot.

Of them are gonna require that you add some additional RAM to them maybe put in an SSD maybe install Windows on them none of these are insurmountable issues but not everybody wants to do it some people just want to plug it in turn it on and just know it works so it’s a.

Personal preference we live in a very special time right now when rogue and I were growing up when your computer was a few years old it wasn’t useful anymore in the windows 3-1 days the Windows 95 days if you had a 46 and the pimps came out there.

Was such a difference you’re 46 wasn’t gonna run one is 95 when Windows 98 came out you needed a Pentium 2 when Windows XP came out if you were still on a Pentium 2 uh not gonna happen so every couple of years your computer’s obsolete today you can run.

Windows 10 on a 10 year old computer irony you know you’re not gonna do everything on it but a Core 2 Duo from 10 years ago will browse the web will play casual games will edit documents do spreadsheets do powerpoints it’ll you can edit them not very well but you can edit video on it not maybe 4k but you could the fact that that’s even possible on a ten-year-old PC.

20 years ago the state of the art computer would.

Have been like a Pentium 2 or an AMD k-6 I don’t.

Remember if the Athlon the aplans were just coming out.

A Pentium 2 was in 98 10 years before that in 88 it would have been a 386 the difference between a 386 and a Pentium 2 I mean used to come on is we’re just being silly here we’re looking at the difference between Windows 98 and dos 4.

In amazing times the value you can get today is incredible so that’s kind of a summary of where we’re looking at a couple of brackets 2 to 400 dollars will buy you a really nice used computer we’re gonna take a look at those here on eBay but 2 to 400 dollars will buy you a really nice used gaming computer that will play most.

Games at 1080p at 60 frames per second without a problem it won’t be the smoothest it won’t be like the most luxury it won’t be the Cadillac experience what we’re streaming.

On but it will be a good experience then we’re gonna look at some new computers which are faster nicer that will play more games at 1440p some games at 4k will last you longer have a more future-proof platform cores more threads that sort of thing so.