How To Bleach Hair Golden Blonde / Light Brown Ft Isee Hair On Aliexpress

Welcome back everyone old and new thank you so much for checking this video I’m playing sighs today’s video if you guys haven’t watched my previous video I’ll link it down below i really suggest a curse and watch it it’s on how I bleach not unless closure a really help you in today’s video so today I’ll be bleaching hair.

That are precious from I see hey company items I’m using in this video you guys can get your own.

Type of style wherever you are but I’ll be using clicks highlights lethal hit accounts of 50 grand speech 100 milliliters of cream peroxide and clear gloves I’ll be also using a container to make home hair clips neutralizing shampoo organic shampoo and conditioner as well the hey I’ll be using for this video comes from ICJ they have a website and an Alex for a stool I purchased 3.

16 inch bundles and a 16 inch 4 by foreclosure and the Mongolian kinky curly here the hair is super soft I just love the texture it’s really curly and.

That’s what I wanted before purchasing any hair I would really suggest that you guys do your research make sure you know what the company is offering you and make sure that it’s authentic before you make your purchase but I’m so happy with.

This hair that I’ve got from I see here it’s really really soft and really great quality for an affordable price I mix up our accent into the beach just to get a smooth consistency and to test out on a small piece of here I really wanted to see how would like I wanted to go with the bleach before I tested it out on the heat.

Guys can see I also sought the hair into a wig I made a bigger consistency of the product and I sectioned the hair into three equal parts just to make it easier with.

The bleaching process when reaching the hair I started at the bottom and usually the clothes on frontal takes the bleach faster than.

The rest of the hair and I was kind of avoiding that look where the front of the hair is lighter than the back so that’s why I started at the bottom because when I reached the top it would even itself out in that way and with bleaching out highly suggest that you.

Guys do a lot of research on what type of highlight want the hair to come out as because I was going for more golden look with low lights.

And highlights and that’s why I was bratok and how I placed the bleach under here and we are placed in Bleach just to give the wig.

Dimension and as you guys can see I’m using my fingers just because I like to feel what I’m doing rather than using a brush also using your fingers to smooth the bleach rather than combing the bleach into the hair helps.

A lot if they are voiding loosening the hair texture and the hair is already kinky curly I don’t want to loosen it up and bleaching will loosen the hair texture already so I was kind of worried using it further loosening with the hair.

Texture and I just went in just randomly putting bleach in different sections going higher and some sections and lower and some sections just to give the.

Weight dimension when the final color comes up as you guys can see this is just a closer look at the bleach I kept the bleach I realized that when I was bleaching the hair it was Lycia turning really quickly and I was I.