Forza Horizon 4 Record Breaker Achievement ***259.92 Mph***

Guys because I can gaming and today we have another Forza horizon 4 video here on my channel now what am I going to show you today well we have money glitches check out the links in the description or the end of the video and we also have the achievements I’m gonna show you how to hit an achievement but.

First I’m gonna shut it to my sponsor right here links in the description.

Make sure if you’re going to use the code because I came from 5 5% off.

The groundbreaking achievement you are going to need a Bugatti Super Sport.

Now you see that I already have one and good news for you I play it around the tune and the tune is uploaded so get yourself through got a Super Sport go to tombs search.
Because I can there’s two there for.

Achievements one for the Volvo truck if you’re looking for the groundbreaking achievement and one is there for the Bugatti if you don’t want the Ducati achievement now you’ve seen on the video where I went I’m on the highway just before the overpass.
If you go before you might not have enough time to get to top speed.

It’s really super easy to do make sure you don’t hit the brakes any turn just let off the gas a little bit and go this tune will not be good for racing it’s mostly meant for.

Top speed straight-line to as little amount of turns as possible you see here I’m doing to 66 to 67 going I could play the 2 a little more and probably top it a little higher.

But honestly I just wanted to ground breaking speed achievement now you’ve seen that I messed up.

But thank God for rewind there that turn I wasn’t paying attention so you should be able to get it on.

Your first try if you decide to make sure you let off the gas for the turns and not try to hold it wide open once you do that you’ll get this no worries usually I don’t even show that in video.

So I guess that’s a flaw my part usually I redo it anyways but I guess last night I was.

Tired and I didn’t so please don’t hate me for it so here you go straight stretch to 50 to 55 let’s see what we talked about this is awesome if you’re trying to hunt for all those achievements I think there is to 59.9 – I believe it said that is not bad right there achieve unlock guys so keep that in mind check about the Volvo truck if you want the ground force achievement keep an eye on.

Glitches we have achievements we have gameplay thanks a lot guys have a good one you.