Everything You Need To Know About Turtles In Minecraft!

Turtles aquatic mobs added in the aquatic update of 1.
13 is there much to learn about these guys well as always let’s find out turtles are passive mobs meaning they won’t attack it even if provoked they can move both on land and in water they naturally spawn on beaches mostly in groups of up to 5 however you won’t really.

Find turtles spawning on stony Shores or snowy Shores thanks to their hearty shell they wield a solid 15 hearts of health making them one of these sturdiest animals in Minecraft but if you decided to attack these fellas first.

Off what the shell man her butts killing them will cause up to two pieces of seagrass to drop as well as a small amount of experience and rightfully so nobody should be picking a fight with these slow green boys they’re not mutated or teenage ninjas they’re innocent shell plus creatures both unlearned and in water well not in water as much but they are the slowest animal in Minecraft when moving on.

Land and even when they’re in water they can’t really swim away from many dangers as they’re quite easy to catch up to but seriously let him be or you could give him shell shock I’m so sorry I’d stop the jokes if they weren’t so shelarious when swimming in water typically they’ll swim around aimlessly when on land they take somewhat short rests before making their way back into water the beach where a turtle spawns is remembered by the turtle as they.

Will often return to their home bait after heading out for a swim sometimes they will travel far across the ocean or stay very local but will always make an.

Eventual return to their home beach turtles make a fantastic animal to set up an enclosure for as they can indeed breed you can cause turtles to follow you by holding seagrass which can be found in abundance under water once you haven’t where you wish feeding to adult turtles some seagrass will indeed force them to get funky they will spend the next few minutes digging around in the sand finding a nice place for them to nest their.

Some just have too much fun playing with the sand when they find a nice spot between one and four turtle eggs will be laid a single turtle can lay multiple groups of eggs in different spots these eggs can only have two on sand hence why the adult turtle will only choose send to nest their eggs they can stack up to a maximum of four eggs on a single block of sand.

Jumping on these eggs or standing on them for too long may result in them breaking apart over time you’ll notice the eggs will develop.

Cracks in them the more they have the closer they are to hatching the time it takes for them to hatch is random but when they do hatch out will come these smallest mob in the game.

From the moment they’re born the adult doesn’t prioritize staying with the babies and will soon swim off leaving the babies to mature on their own and if that wasn’t hard breaking enough baby turtles are very vulnerable to lurking dangers and are actively being hunted by ocelots wolves and all zombie variants are taking baby turtles on site even when.

They’re inside the eggs they’re not safe only wrath of a zombies foot this is almost as sad as my jokes the time it takes for these baby turtles to grow into adults.