Soft Glam For Beginners + Fixing Mistakes || Morphe 35v & 35k Palettes

Hello hello welcome to my channel my name is Anna and for today’s video I will be showing you how I created this soft glam look for beginners so looking back at this footage I definitely could have punched up the colors a little bit more but I still think it came out really nice so if you guys want to.

This look then definitely keep watching so first I am going to start just by priming my eyelids and guys please excuse my face at the beginning of this video I was definitely looking a little busted but I was tired and it was early so whatever but yes I am using my la girl Pro.

Conceal and this is in the color warm honey just to set the base for my eye shadow and I did do my brows off-camera as well now I am actually starting with my first eyeshadow so that is.

The scandal color in the new 35 the palette for morphe and I’m just going to apply that.

All over the base of my eyelids and just kind of build up the color a little.

Bit using that same palette I’m actually going in with the color spice and this is more of like a soft like.

Warm medium shade of brown so I’m going to build that right on top of scandal now I’m actually just going to switch over to the 35k palette and for that one I used a medium.

Brown shade and I’m just building that up more so in the crease area just to give a little bit of depth to this look as well okay so I am now applying some concealer just.

To my lower eyelid and this is where I will place the gold eyeshadow and the gold that I use is actually from the exact same morphe 35 K palette as well now I’m going to use my wet and wild black eyeliner and this was probably the first time I’ve used eyeliner in a really long time so my hand was shaking when I was doing this.

Really wanted to keep it very thin very minimal just in case if I didn’t mess up and I actually did mess up at one point on my right eye so I did leave that in the video for you.

Guys to see as well just how I fix any eyeliner mistakes so that I don’t have to start completely over so how I fix my eyeliner mistakes is that I’ll go in with like a small brush and a little bit of concealer so I’m just taking that warm.

Honey concealer and putting it just right over the eyeliner area and then I literally.

Just apply that gold eyeshadow right on top and then if necessary I go back in with the eyeliner just to fix it but sometimes I find that I do end up with eyeliner that’s a little bit thicker on one side than the other side so I like to do those just to fix it so that I don’t have to do it all over again I also noticed that for the end.

Of my wing tip that one side was a little bit like more curled than the other so I literally just took a little bit of oil and put that over the area and then removed it.

And Bri did it with the eyeliner so I’m now gonna go back and with that Brown from.

The 35k palette and just build up the crease a little bit more so usually when I do my eyeshadows I’ll do a lot of back and forth up just building up and blending the color.

So just blending that out with the spice color that I did add as well and so now.

I’m gonna go in with the like light base shade from that 35k palette just to highlight under the brows a little bit next I’m just going to apply my eyelashes off-camera and these are just some whispies but I got from the beauty supply store and now I’m going to go ahead and.

Prime my face so I’m using the benefit pore perfecting primer I’m just rubbing that in like so next I’m going to go in with my la girl Pro conceal and the color fawn and I do like to conceal before applying my foundation because I feel like that gives me just a smoother.

Finish overall so I’m just applying that all over my face and blending that out for a foundation I am using the fancy Beauty and the color 390 taking my font concealer again I am just.

Going to use that as my highlight so under the eyes a little on the nose a lot of the cheek area I also added a little bit of the espresso for my contour on the.

Nose for the rest of my contour I’m actually using the black radiance palette and this is I believe in the shade medium so going back to that morphe 35 feet palette I’m actually going to use the devoted color and this is actually a really nice teal and I am applying that just.

Set every day I’m diffusing by Laura Mercier translucent powder we’re highlighting I’m actually using the wet-and-wild highlighting palette and precious petals and to finish off my tear duct I’m actually going in with swipe right from that 35 V palette and then I also did go.

Back in to my tear duct with shameless because wipe right is actually really really bright I didn’t know that it was as white of a color as it was so I did go.

Back in with shameless as well.

Which is more of like a champagne color ok love so this is the completed look it did go ahead and change my clothes and ask some really nice gold accessories as well.

To complement that I look again I probably could have done a little bit more but hey I like it I love the way it turned out so yeah don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe and I will see you guys in my next video bye.