Families At The Invictus Games Are Just As Important As The Athlete's Competing | Your Morning

There are 500 athletes from around the world competing in the Invictus games and there are family and friends and support networks cheering them on every step of the way these are the athletes and also the husbands and wives children and parents who’ve been by their side they are just as much a part of the games as the ones.
Competing it’s changed my life aha like it’s turned me around what.

Does it mean for you to know that your husband and your dad worked so hard to.
Get here it means everything because two.

Years ago my husband was in a coma for ten days and he’s this is he’s very emotional it’s special and just to get to see my dad you know make him make it make a mark in his story you know like being able to say oh I get to represent Canada I ripped her I get to represent my country there’s such a great feeling between both family and friends and all the different countries so to be here and be able to celebrate after the struggle has got to mean so.
Much oh yes if I start to talk about it out here so a.

Change in your son since you’ve started participating in this getting ready for Invictus oh this is well he has PTSD and physical exercise is probably one of the best things they can do he’s just finished a book that he’s written about his time in Kandahar and with any luck he’s going to present it to Prince Harry you gotta be very proud Barry yeah I’m.

Here with my core family my mom and dad who.

You know got me to where I was and my brother who’s been very supportive as well yeah we had a great day today I’m got used to the baking stuff with the group are you proud of your daddy yeah yeah like to go from a couple years ago.

After Afghanistan and him being released and all the medical stuff and then being on this side where he feels strong and healthy and able like I just wish that for other families you can’t go home without being a changed person I think after this week yeah remember this been when Invictus was in Toronto and seeing the family speak and it wasn’t so much about when.

Their spouses were at war time but it’s that time when they come home that seemed to be the real struggle so many of them come home with with struggles they find themselves in a dark place they call themselves damaged.
They they find themselves in a pit.

Of depression as some have told me some.

Have attempted suicide and through Invictus through finally opening up about their problems they are able to use sport and everything associated with it.

The cheering on the goals the you know the the purpose to get off the couch to talk about their problems to find a community of like-minded people who are facing their own problems and they come out the other side and you hear these stories of from.

Husbands and the and the parents and the kids saying I got that person back there now productive again they’re now happy again optimistic and proselytising sharing the story of Invictus with other people who who might need it is well it is it is the one of the great.

Honors of my career was able to share those stories well we love seeing all of those stories and we’re so proud of our Invictus athletes our thanks for sharing them with us.