Self Discipline Is Key

The winners identity hello everyone and welcome to be a motivational breaking podcast so daiiy I’m your host Brent Armstrong and I want to talk to you guys about self discipline you see self discipline is the most important key to achieving your success or anything you want to do in your life and most people say that self discipline plays.

A major role but I’m gonna tell you my friends in my opinion self discipline plays the number-one role in anything you wanna do in your life whether you work on a goal a vision or.

A dream you definitely have to discipline yourself my friends because you see with self-discipline that’s where self control comes from and from self control you have the persistent push Anshu and with the persistent come the perseverance so as you can see everything starts with your self-discipline my friend you know we always read I’m talking about you have to decide make a decision to do something and then from that point you start taking.

Action we all know it’s a mindset game but if you don’t have the mindset to do that thing that you want in your life to achieve your goal to do the necessary things my friends you have to develop a.

Self-discipline that will help you to start your action and carry it out until the end and this is where the brain King podcasts come into place because we help you to create that identity we help you to create that discipline we help you to create that self-control that will help you create a winner’s identity and you have to start with yourself discipline because we all know we have bad habits and we.

Have good habits we have bad rituals and we have good rituals and we have bad beliefs and.

We have good beliefs but if you want to achieve that goal in your life you have to get rid of all your bad beliefs bad rituals and bad behaviors and how do you.

Go about starting to do these things you have to first set up strategies and put them in place to change these things and the only way my friends you.

Of these things is when you work on yourself discipline because I can give you a strategy on the hand to work with but if you don’t have the discipline to do these things on a daily basis for 40 days and 40 nights.
You’re not going to achieve.

Your goals you’re not going to change your bad habits you’re not going to change your bad rituals so you have to have the self-discipline and this is exactly where we always start with working on yourself discipline all right it’s very important my friends that we create something that you are determined to do on a daily basis you are.

Committed towards these things you have to have a routine yeah setting up a routine designated to our time to do your things is very important that means you wake up in the morning.

It starts at 8 o clock and finish at 9 and then you are committed to work through this one hour with this information we have given to you to change your bad habits and it has to be fundamental important yeah you have to keep practice and repeating these things over and over again because not because you are born with a talent or you get.

A strategy on the hand that you’re only gonna do it once and it’s gonna work a repetition my friends is mastery and you can only change a bad habit through repetition so if you get something on your hand that you can use to change your bad habits you have to repeat it over and over again yeah and you have to start somewhere so at least one bad habit you repeat.

It over and over for 10 days to create a new one yeah and that is exactly what you have to have the discipline to work through this path like we’ve said working through the.

Path on a daily basis and do it consistently and persistently on with perseverance yeah and if you don’t give yourself or set yourself up with some consequences for not doing these things you will never achieve that goal because you’re gonna push it off through procrastination.

And say okay you know what I worked on it for two days now I’m gonna start again next week you can take a break in between you have to review ten days.

Fully and then you go on to the next level so this is just to show you guys how important self-discipline is whenever you’re working on any goals or any dreams in your life yeah mindset is very important but.

The discipline to work on your mindset is necessary because if you don’t have this discipline to start working on your mindset you can never change it you can never change anything so the discipline is very important look at the actors and actresses in Hollywood they have the discipline to work on a role some actors must change their body totally a body transformation if they ever already have to be a very fat person it’s quite easily after.

This eat fatty food to get fat but if they ever all have to really look lean and strong and fit then they have.

To cut down on all their bad habits of eating before to get that body transformation and that my.

Friends take discipline so I think you have to see yourself as an actor and you are.

Really in real life you are an actual your plainer role you are playing the role of your life so if you look at.

The actors and actresses in Hollywood they’re all playing a role and they play the role to.

The best of their abilities they are willing to transform their bodies their mind their soul to fit into.

That role and you have the role of your lifetime and you have to fit in that role so if you don’t add the discipline to transform your mind and your body you will.

Never achieve that goal that dream that vision that you really want yeah so look at yourself as an actor and fit into that role and be disciplined enough to change your mind and your body and if you’re not strong enough to do so by.
Yourself you will definitely have.

To go out you will definitely have to go out and find somebody who can help you my friends because you see your ability to listen to and take action based on your inner voice regardless of how you feel my friends of other influences or temptation that you might face in your life is the key to mastery you have to be disciplined because if you’re not disciplined my friends the world will discipline you and not in that way that you would like them to do they will do.

In a way that they can only benefit and you won’t so if you want to change anything.