October 5, 2018 – Welcome To Ubuntober! Let's Set Up .net Development On Ubuntu Linux

October 5, 2018 – Welcome To Ubuntober! Let's Set Up .net Development On Ubuntu Linux

Hey there we are good morning good afternoon yes whatever the case might be wherever you are welcome back to my live stream my name is jeff fretts and today is October 5th 2018 it’s the start of something new well I think we’re gonna call it Ubuntu Ober I think that’s a thing we can do that I normally write.

Code all stream and we write all kinds of dotnet code we have a good time programming together well today we’re gonna start programming everything using Ubuntu Linux we’re gonna learn a little bit about Linux today we’re gonna hopefully get get.

To writing some dotnet code and I think we’re gonna have a great time learning and programming together so hello who do we have here Perry digital locks nerdy tech guy and turrican is here hello good morning good afternoon good evening wherever you might be I’m gonna get some music playing in the.

Background here for us it’s been a long couple of weeks here you’ve seen I’ve been on the road I was even at Tech bash yesterday.
And gave a presentation that was streamed and we hosted.

Live here on my channel there Tech Bash is still going on it’s over there on the visual studio channel if you want to check out some of the sessions that are going on over there keep an eye on it and we’ll be replaying that content throughout the weekend really great.

Stuff at it at the Tech Bash event that’s occurring right now at the Kalahari resort in the Poconos and you’ll see I still have a.
Little thing popping up there there it is the tech bash event.

Is going on oh my gosh Maz thank you so much for that for that subscription I really appreciate that and of course I will match that subscription and we’ll make a donation to girl develop it together there’s actually a new second-level emotes oh there’s 3 emotes you get that you can get as a subscriber to the channel of course.

Everybody seen the dotnet bottomed out and if you have the the top.

Level subscription like Moz has there you get the c-sharp super C sharp or C.

Sharp save the day a Moute there it.

Is you can now get my little caricature as the second remote see so you can have me pop up and say hello on other streams that you might be visit thanks so much for for the support laws really appreciate that and yeah we’ll make that donation to girl develop it together angular mix that’s where I’m gonna be this week I’ll be there.

On Tuesday and I will not be able to host Tuesday stream but I will be back Thursday Friday and Saturday in the week ahead and I will be broadcasting tomorrow as well I wanted to get some music playing let’s get some music going.
Let’s play this is called orange and this is from our friend Carl Franklin.

Let me pull down the music a little bit there we go this is music to.

Code by it gets you in the groove it gets you focused on tasks so that you can get done whatever it is that you’re working on and just let those other worries and things that are troubling you fall away and get completely focused it’s scientifically engineered and it’s called music to code by you can buy the album MTC bebop calm or.

If you’d like to get a subscription you can go.

Out some music to flow by and there’s a couple of songs available free for you out there that you can download I’m wearing a new hat today check this out this is this is very look at that this is for diva from the game overwatch and I really enjoy that game there’s some awesome things happening as as they have their Halloween.

Event starting so I encourage you to check that game out I really enjoy it and I thought I’d wear the pink bunny rabbit today filly rabbits no no it is not all right um let’s wander over here the rainbow beer challenge we are at.

38 86 and we’re trying to get to 5,000 by October 20th that’s literally two weeks away I really don’t think we’re making it I’ve trimmed my beard a little bit literally this week while I was at Tech Bash mrs.

Fritz joined me for a little bit there because it’s it’s local to me she grabbed me by the beard and.

Said and pulled me and said you need to cut this off so he trimmed a little bit but I don’t think we’re making it so not a sigh of relief but we didn’t make it that’s okay according to the projections that I’ve seen on some Twitter’s twitch stats pages.

Right so say if I go right twitch stats there’s a couple sites out here that’ll give you some projections so if we go to a specific channel here and we look.

For this one it’ll actually project hey I know that guy it’ll actually project it and tell you going out when you’ll hit your next milestone and the projection for us.

To hit 5,000 is out around December so we’ll see we’ll see how far and how long it takes.

To get there all right now it’s not really a sigh.

Of relief like I said it’s well do we can pay ancient code are good to see you and caliber on yeah like this music I think it’s great so this is Ubuntu burr.

How are we gonna start using Ubuntu I’m using Windows for the rest of what I’m doing here what’s a good way for me as a.

Windows developer to start using Linux well there’s a couple different things that you can do when you install when you install github and the github tools for Windows you’ll get git bash but this is kind of fake this is right this is bash the bourne-again shell running on top of Windows and it’s it’s not right I mean I can I can LS like an LS LT a look at that oh I can run VI right there’s a.

I know how to get out of it but it’s not full Linux right and there is also right I can download and run Ubuntu from the store so that I have the windows.

Subsystem for Linux running on this machine and that’s kind of neat but it’s it’s it’s not the full X Windows experience right it’s.

Not the full device driver management experience I do have the key I do have there it is Karnak is running right I’m trying.

To move you you’re not gonna let me grab this window area there it goes right you will be seeing Karnak pop up I haven’t used any hotkeys yet if I launch to bunt to here you’ll see it starts Linux optional components are.

Not enabled I have to go into Windows and I have to turn stuff on I don’t want to do that I want to actually run Linux and I want to use a virtual machine to do it so I’m gonna come over here to this view and I’m gonna set up a new virtual machine to install and run Ubuntu I look really small in the corner there and I feel like this should be alright so let’s go figure out how we can install Ubuntu Linux because I.

Want to download and get it running and I want to have a virtual machine running it here for me I don’t want the wiki hell so let’s go out to one to.com closing VI it’s not a hotkey it is not closing VI is actually.

: q exclamation point or shift Z twice if to save and exit all right so let’s grab the 18:04 LTS no I just want to download all right so.

I’m gonna save an ISO right and this will download and save and be.

Available for me here so that’ll take a few minutes to download come on let’s go probably doesn’t help any that I’m pushing up spin up an azure Linux VM I could do that as well.

I could but I want to show oh the hotel Wi-Fi can’t keep up with twitch oh that’s a shame sorry to hear that Fred yet let’s see if we can best VM for Ubuntu you’re using the Oracle one what’s what do you mean by the VM for you can use quick create in.

Hyper-v let’s do that so I’m gonna go actions new I can do a virtual machine and there’s a quick create.

Okay here’s quick create over here what’s that do select an operating system and I get a spinner this has changed a little bit since I’ve worked on this there we go Ubuntu 1804 LTS yes create that I’d like that please name okay sure do it it’s doing the same.

Download it’s doing the same down low come on now I just I just want the download to finish I am Bill O’Reilly I am doing it live alright I’m gonna keep another tab.

Open here so I can go to other fun places yeah this this is doing the exact same configuration and download that I’m doing over here and I’m already.

Almost halfway done two minutes ago so while that’s downloading let’s go check out we’ve got some pull requests out here just do it oh you mean like that one I’ve got that janeski yeah.

It has a better xrdp for virtual desktop now it’s been a while since I’ve done full Linux so I’m gonna need some help with some of these terms that silly machine at Tech Bash but you had the backup machine for the win yes turrican for those of you who didn’t catch what happened to me let’s let’s back up one let’s go over here.

Hey how you doing it’s Jeff again so I was giving a demonstration showing dotnet framework.

For seven for seven one four seven two features and we were using a machine that literally when I woke up the new windows update installed on it windows what.

Is it 18:09 installed and none of my compiles none of my interactions with iis the windows internet information server the web server.

On Windows would work on the on the machine since that install went through and I’m not quite sure what happened up we’ll see you boss you know we’ll be around.

You know for two hours thanks so much for stopping in and thank you so much for that subscription.

Four months in a row that’s awesome so hey mark good to see you so what did I do well I had my backup machine that didn’t have the install completed on it yet and as I.

Was presenting I pulled out the backup machine and got it up and running and then just swapped out swapped.