Unix Vs Linux

Hello my name is Gary Sims and this is Gary explains now you’ve probably heard of the word Linux you know it’s an operating system in fact it’s the kernel that’s used at the heart of the Android operating system it also runs on a wide range of devices including desktops and laptops it’s at the heart of Chrome OS you.

Can get it on servers it even runs on the Raspberry Pi now you may have also heard of Unix and of course they sound similar Linux Linux and UNIX.

And you may wondering are they the same thing are they compatible are they completely different so if you want to know what is the difference between UNIX and Linux please let me explain okay to understand the difference between these two operating systems we need.

To know a bit about the history of how we got to where we are today so let’s start with Unix so UNIX was invented by.

Two men that is Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie now you may have heard those two names before.

Dennis Ritchie of course is famous for inventing the C programming language and if you have a copy of the C programming language the book by Brian Kernighan.

And Dennis Ritchie Kernighan and Ritchie it’s often called the kr version of the C language and then there is Ken Thompson and he is very famous for not only inventing lit UNIX but he also invented the utf-8 character encoding that we use.

All the time today and he is the co-inventor of google’s go language so here we’re dealing with kind of.

Legends in computing so in the 19 late 1960s early 1970s Ritchie and Thompson along with people like Kernighan were working on an operating system called multics and.

That’s the multiplexed information computer services that was an operating.

System that was designed to run multiple programs at the same time now the team got frustrated with the direction and the scope of the project.

And so in their spare time Thompson and Ritchie started working on an alternative now at the beginning this alternative only could run one.

Program at a time so rather being called multix it kind of got nicknamed as Unix where the U part was for you next.

And you can see what happened from here that was spelling was with a c’ at the end but over time and no one can remember why not even Kernighan not Richie Thompson but over time that got changed to Unix with an X at the end and hence the UNIX operating system was born now it was written first of all in the early 1970s and by 1972 the C programming language which Kernighan Richie were developing had become sufficiently mature that they able to rewrite the operating system in just C now now interesting.

Is at the time AT&T were forbidden from entering into the computer market due to some previous legal problems they had with monopolies and.

So therefore all AT&T could do was license the source code for this new operating system and that’s exactly what they did and it started being used in various universities around the country and one of the universities where the new operating system arrived was at the University of California in Berkeley now over time AT&T actually separated itself from Bell Labs and it was able now to end into the computer market so by the early 80s.