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Well if that one of the things I enjoy doing is finding places in the Old Testament where the grace of God is evident it’s it’s fascinating to to see full-on grace in under an Old Covenant you see that with David when he has this prophetic permission to train the Levites in worship when it was actually totally against their.

The law that they were under they were not able to come in before the Ark of the Covenant only the high priest could but somehow under David’s prophetic direction they would come in before the.

Lord and actually worship before him personally one-on-one corporately and that became the prophetic.

Prototype of the New Testament church we know that because in acts excuse me in Amos chapter 9 there is the prophecy that in the last days God would rebuild that tabernacle of David in other words he would rebuild that is as the pattern for life in God for.

His people then in Acts chapter 15 James quotes that passage to describe the New Testament church so the point is is here was an Old Testament experience that prophetically pointed to modeled and Illustrated a New Testament experience there are a number of those throughout the scripture one of those that stands out to me is here in Nehemiah chapter 8 it comes to mind actually because I spent time yesterday talking with.
A friend and and found myself giving some instruction out of this.

Particular chapter and realized it’s been a long time since I’ve talked to you about this and so I thought it’d be just kind of fun just to take a real simple look at Grace and how that functions in our life today law requires grace enables one of the most fundamental parts of the gospel is to realize that he requires the impossible from us on purpose he commands.

Me to do things that are actually impossible to do he says heal the.

Sick raise the dead can’t do that he commands me to do the impossible so that in receiving his word he enables me to do what he’s required me to.

Do so that’s where we get the statement law requires grace enables a good point here is where the angel of the Lord shows up before Mary and tells her she’s going to bear the Christ.

Child and the angel declares nothing shall be impossible with God that phrase or that sentence nothing shall be impossible that God illustrates a part of the gospel that is so critical for us that if we don’t get it down we actually flounder through much of our life because it puts the emphasis of our heart to anchor ourselves into the Word of God what God is saying in the scripture.

He highlights to us with his voice which by the way is always confirmed in Scripture.

Trying to make didn’t Jack Taylor pointed this out to us a number of years ago the scripture is nothing shall be impossible with God say it with me nothing shall be impossible with God say it again nothing shall be impossible with God the word nothing is actually two words it’s the word no but it’s also the word think thing is Rhema the word Rhema is often used to illustrate the freshly spoken Word of God in Scripture so this then refers to the know freshly spoken Word of God will be impossible that word impossible.