The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible

Well hey I want to say something you know and that in that last song we sing there talked about there’s a verse talked about in our bones and stuff and Jeremiah says your word is like fire shut up in my bones and I’m weary of holding it in and sometimes you know we were all created to praise God.

And when we hold it in you know the only reason some of you are tired is because you’ve been holding it in one.

Of the greatest if you want to call it ways to connect with the vitality of the Holy Spirit is just letting out what’s in you and everybody regardless of your circumstances has.

Praise for God in you all right so I want to encourage you just as the day goes on as you come back to church it’s like I need to let it out because if I don’t it’s gonna make me tired to.

Keep it in so hey for the next.

Few weeks I want to talk about the Bible we talk from the Bible.

Okay and I want to begin to talk about the Bible the Bible says a lot about itself and this.

Book is you know what you could give this book credit for the rise of many and you could give this book credit in a morbid way for the fall of many individuals this great book that’s meant to be the source of our faith and answer to our problems is often viewed as our problem has you ever seen.

People that have a problem with the Bible that I wanted to leave church or you know what break relationships because of the Bible.
Yeah what the Bible has to say about God our eternity our morality.

Our money is often for many like it says in first Peter chapters 2 a stone of stumbling in a rock of offense for they stumbled because they are disobedient to the word and to this doom they were also appointed a stone to stumble over a rock to.

Be offended at is often what’s in the Bible when you don’t appropriate appropriately apply it so many parts of the Bible that we should reverence.

Talk about learn from and follow are for many like a dirty family secret that we wish never existed or an unwanted family member that were ashamed of and wished they never came around there’s three modern-day stones of.

Scripture and rocks of biblical.

Offenses that people stumble over all the time in the three dominant ones I’ve seen is you know what what the Bible would have to say about the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit thank God in this church that really isn’t a stumbling block another one would be sexual purity tell you what that’s a big.
One people get offended at pastor.

Jerry has been having these talks for years with people and the other one would be tithing okay.

Those are rocks people stumble over and get offended at over and over and over again and we got to ask ourselves if what I’m hearing in the Bible offends me or causes me to stumble then maybe I’m looking at it.

The wrong way now these topics and many more which are really aspects of the heart and nature of God all right are not to be stones that we stumble over or get offended by but things.

To endear us to God the Bible one considered to be a lesser thing than it is.

Produce for you a lesser result because.

You won’t receive or go beyond your expectations of what’s written in the Bible the Bible I want to go on record is saying it’s not an owner’s manual with step-by-step instructions for how to live this life it’s not a cookbook with recipes in it it’s not a contract it’s not a book of sin management living by these metaphors you know and that’s a sweet metaphor you know Bible basic instructions before living.

This life that’s nice okay but when you live by these metaphors alone it’ll produce a form of godliness void of the power of God we need to realize that there’s nothing absolutely nothing that isn’t a reflection of the loving graceful heart and nature of God that’s in the Bible and there’s nothing written that wasn’t written except for the sake of relationship from Genesis to Revelation everything in the Bible was written for the say a relationship between us and God the.

Bible is an example okay and it’s an invitation for us to have a spiritual journey.

With Jesus when we open the Bible and read it we’re witnessing many ancient spiritual journeys written through many different people at different times under different circumstances in each and every one of those writings about different people and what they went through is a reflection of where you are or will be or where somebody.

Else or is gonna be these stories are past encounters with God and encounters yet to come with God and encounters with the evil one again from Genesis to Revelation the Bible is a book of experiences and encounters with God doctrine and teachings those were secondary jesus never taught.

Anything and said here’s a lesson for you to go live by I’ll see you later know everything he taught was given to us as an invitation to come have an experience with him not just to go.

Live by absent of him it’s amazing how the words of God let alone one Bible verse can never be exhausted because it’s a Living Word you could probably preach a servant.

Sermons on the woman at the well not the same sermon but different sermons because it’s a living word that.

Continually grows in the same way a tree grows new leaves every spring and new branches and fruit every year so it is what scripture all these leaves are gonna fall off of the trees here come fall time right in winter time and.

You could go back to the same branch next year and find new leaves and new sprouts and next year you know you’re gonna see new branches on that same tree why because it’s a living tree it’s the same way with the Bible it’s the same Bible it’s going to meant to be produce the same fruit but every year it’s going to be different have you ever read a.

Passage of Scripture of the Bible or return to it in a different or a following season of life only to find something doing it I never saw that there.

When did that get there it’s because it’s a living word okay hmm that’s because in every new season.

The Bible reproduces itself as a Living Word for us the Bible is not just a one-time read it’s a book to continually read and feed from for a lifetime Isaiah chapter.

55 verse 10 11 it says for as the rain in the snow come.

Down from heaven and do not return there without watering.

The earth and making it bare and sprout and furnishing seed to the sower and bread to the eater so will my.