Bass Love Sunfish!

What’s up guys I’m here at AI Pig patrol today and we got a special treat for my best today we got a whole bunch alive glue here we got like 1520 bluegill in there and we’re gonna feed them to the best and I think they’re gonna destroy them they should be super aggressive I hope you all enjoy this.

Video next contestant here I got another bluegill I’m gonna let them go right off the bank and we’ll see if he makes it you might you might survive he.

Might not oh no got him he made it probably than any other one did guys I got one on the feeding rod I’m gonna dangle it over the water and see if they will come up for it yeah oh my gosh come on Garfield oh I know she kind of like spit it out.

The Garfield does not eat the blue yo so we’re gonna throw it to.

Bass we got the last bluegill here we’re about to feed them please leave a thumbs up if you want more live bait feedings for the fish see y’all next time.