Everyone Must See This Secret Video Before It Is Deleted…

Everyone must see this secret video before it is deleted hello welcome back to top supreme your number one stop for the best tops lists around today we’ll dive into the mysterious world of mythical creatures we will uncover some of the most unique videos surrounding humanoid beings that we just aren’t used to seeing on camera today’s title is everyone.

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Post each day let’s get rolling mermaid sighting alright let’s kick things.

Off with a new story that broke just a few years ago the location is somewhere out in Russia and I’m warning you you’re.

Gonna have to pay attention because this sighting goes quick so the video starts with a fish that’s been pinned down underwater by some kind of dart or spear you can see the fish flopping around and then there did.

You see that the report a claim that locals thought that this was definitely the sighting of a mermaid even slow motion.

We can’t tell for sure but it does look like the tail of this thing is long and flowing just like a mermaid interesting make sure you drop us a comment or two down there in the comment section letting us know exactly what you think this video could be up does it look like a.

Fish to you or could it be something more okay let’s move on mermen so I know most of us have heard of mermaids but what about a merb man yeah those actually exists too don’t feel bad I just found that out myself anyway check this out another recent news.

Story that spoke of a young man whose passion was creating mermaid tails for purchase he even was an avid user of said tails and if I’m being completely honest has absolutely.

Mastered the art of swimming around with it on I mean look at this guy oops I mean look at this Merman swimming just like a pro anyway the tails are made up of silicone latex and other similar.

Materials you see the details and these tales pun intended.

Anyway how about you what would it take for you to throw on one of these Murr tails the next time you pack your family up for a fun trip to the beach make sure you drop us a comment and let us know flying lights let’s climb up out of the water for a bit in.

This next clip and instead point our attention towards the skies high up in the sky where I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before look at this or these strange flying lights that are moving as a unit through an.

Evening sky I know these look just like lights but I’m not so sure have you ever seen.

Flights just fly around up and down back and forth like this I sure have it now.

We put this clip in as a flying creature because well because I’ve never seen fireworks.

Fly quite like this the strange flying lights appear to be guided by some kind of pilots ball flying together could these be dare I ask UFOs shiny flying spaceships commanded by some kind of alien.

Species we’re not sure where this video comes from but would love to know so if you have any information.

As to where this was filmed please make sure you let us know down in the comment section lizard with wings moving right along.