Baking Bad – A Cozy Mystery With Dragons

Hello lovely people welcome back to another book yet and I was so excited to share this book chat with you because this is a really special one for me because I have just received proof copy of baking bed which is the very first both at scales cozy mystery and if you have been hanging around the the website or.

If you sign up to the newsletter anything like that you’ll probably already be familiar with both of scales who is the high Lord of the clovelly dragons which is a small in stature as well as a number clan of dragons which lives in the Yorkshire Dales very near to to.

Tencel and Bertha scales although very old dragon is also a very interested Jagan and he’s quite enjoying the modern world and learning about it much to the despair of Mortimer he was much younger dragon and who cares been an awful lot of.

His time trying to make sure.

The both it doesn’t end up on the front pages of a newspaper somewhere.

And so in baking bed the very first of the mysteries The Vicar is murdered and it was a poisoned cupcake and the ladies.

Of the two tents Women’s Institute are the most immediate suspects now Beaufort has very good relationship with ladies the two towns Women’s Institute and he’s not having any of it not only that Alex Martin chair of the two councillors Institute also RAF Wing Commander retired is absolutely not having anyone poking into Lewis’s shoe business and finding out about dragons or about her own possibly slightly dodgy past so they intend to find the murderer before the detector inspected us.

And this is thank you that and I’m going to read you a little bit of it which is when Detective Inspector Adams first comes in detector inspector Adams whose mother called a genetic or though very few other people did was not happy there were several reasons for not being happy including but not limited to the.

Moved elites from London and her mother was still trying to set her up with a nice young ish man who live just down the street from her child at home and the fact.

That was uncomfortably hot in the kitchen of village hall but she was still wearing a suit jacket she didn’t want to take off because that seemed terribly casual and this particular crime scene was already fast casual which was the main reason she was not happy at this very moment James she said sharpey to the tall Detective Constable who had driven up from Leeds with her why are all these people why do they keep coming in he shrugged shuffling his feet without looking at her he had taken his.
Jacket off it looked considerably cooler than she felt I’m not sure they.

Seem to be local it’s a crime scene well not technically I mean the actual crime scenes at the vicarage she trailed off as she cleared it up arming a finishing of sweat off a forged why is that.

Food it’s traditional a new voice said and Di Adams turned to find herself face to face so the slim old woman very large plate of mini quiches garnished with.

Cherry tomatoes and sprigs of thyme I guess it’s really to feed the family in their time of grief but.

In this case well it’s just what we do and it’s quite lovely of you the Dean said accepting the quiches eagerly as.