Top 5: Historical Fiction

Hello everybody and welcome back my name is Carrie and today I’m doing my favorite historical fiction videos I realized as I was randomly looking through my videos over the last year that I’ve done fantasy and classics but I have not yet done any of the other genres seeing as those are not my two biggest John rus’ I should.

Maybe get into my favorite genre which is historical fiction so the first book I want to talk about is Shogun by James Clavell realistically it’s any book by him but I’ve only read it the first five in that series Shogun type a gaijin noble house and I think there’s something about a.

Rat and then there’s whirlwind as well which I have not read I liked Shogun best and then Taipan and gaijin are really close as well the others are still really good they’re phenomenal actually but they’re not my favorites.

That was a long ramble but more importantly show that is set in 1603 in Japan we follow a group of Englishmen and more specifically once we get to Japan we follow one Englishman who becomes part of Japanese society there they get a.

Little stuck because it’s 1603 D Elizabeth the first has died even though they don’t.

Know it and their ships don’t really want to go all the way back to England after they’ve survived a storm it opened my eyes to the wonders of Japanese history I read.

It in high school and at the time I didn’t know much about Japanese history or their culture and I think Shogun did a really good job of encompassing all of that it is.

A very hefty book I think it’s more than 700 pages but it is well worth the time next I have a Wilbur Smith and this one is Blue Horizon.

Obviously but the first book of his I read was asked a guy and I read that when I was in South Africa because I was really craving a physical book when I travel I only bring my Kindle because books are heavy and the hotel I was staying and had this little library that you could go and take a book out and just return it whenever you finished it and so they had a cigar and read and loved that.

Laura Smith and I’m so so grateful that I did this book is part of the a Sakai series which is actually titled – Courtney series because.

It follows a family the Courtney’s and their adventures in Africa the stories take place during all sorts of different times asagai was during the early 1900’s and one of the courtney family members was taking teddy roosevelt on a big-game hunt another one that i read was a kid gets.

Kidnapped by one of the tribes on the east coast of africa and his brother searches the entire continent almost to find him again this one i have not read yet but i really want to because anything by wilbur Smith is fantastic and I want to figure out where the Courtenay family is at whatever point.
In time this book is set next I have.

The poison garden by Karen Harper this one is about Elizabeth the first I can hardly go a day or a video rather without mentioning Elizabeth the first it’s expected this is a night book series and their mystery series actually focusing on Elizabeth as both queen and detective obviously it’s fictional because Elizabeth didn’t do detective but I just.