Facebook Live – Woodlawn Cemetery 'histories And Mysteries' Tour

Facebook Live – Woodlawn Cemetery 'histories And Mysteries' Tour

You hey there it is this is the Bronx TV it is a very unusual night it’s a three quarter moon and I can’t think of a better place to spend my October Halloween night but at the Woodlawn Cemetery with Susan Olsen who’s the historian here at the Woodlawn Cemetery why are we here and why are all these people.

Here because it’s our history and mystery tour we know that during the month of.

October everybody comes to Woodlawn to see the beautiful fall leaves during the.

Day and they love to be out here at night to hear stories of those who sort of met an.

Unfortunate end I can tell you this it’s it’s darn spooky walking around but the illumination of mausoleums like this one are.

Just spectacular you gave us a tour of all different monuments and Muslims you have a favorite story that you.

Just told us no it always changes it always changes you know today we learned the story of Lizzie Nichols who was jewelry was robbed and met her unfortunate death at the fate of her robbers every day.

Our volunteers and staff and our visitors share new stories with us so the favorite is whatever we’re studying one week to.

The next this is not the last night something really cool is gonna happen for Halloween what’s going on next weekend next weekend we have the illuminated mausoleums it’s a chance for people to be out here at night to wander with their flashlights but also to see the really fabulous art and architecture at Woodlawn with these beautiful colored lights this is just an unbelievable mausoleum everybody enjoyed it we like all right so on Woodlawn Cemetery next weekend you can go to what is it Woodlawn org right.

Go to Woodlawn tours and make your reservation and please join us for a wonderful evening of walking around a.

Spectacular National Historic Landmark with a lot of delightful people I’ll tell you it’s creepy but it’s lovely I have to and why do we do this folks because this.