Ufos: Odd Triangle Of Lights Filmed Over Arizona

Good morning good afternoon good evening you’re watching pnt I’m your host filling in for your usual host who has disappeared under circumstances best not questioned upfront this week according to an article in the mirror and social media one shopkeeper claims to have captured evidence of the afterlife on tape the footage apparently taken from a security cam from a.

Shop in China clearly shows a large bowl of noodles on the glass display case of the shop explode violently spattering the owner and most of the shop with hot but tasty ramen posted on social media as proof of.

Ghostly possession critics point to the fact that the witness had just sat the container on the counter before checking something on his computer pointing to the possibilities that the broth bath could have been caused by too much air pressure on the inside of the container and exploding lighter in the display case or an outright hoax for pnts part while we tend to agree with the skeptics as to the explosive nature.

Cannot help but express a lingering suspicion that perhaps this spirit was simply seeking sustenance the question then becomes whether the explosion was an attempt at communication or a commentary on the menu from ghostly gourmets to inexplicable evacuations our next story takes us to New Mexico and the strange goings-on near the site of the infamous Roswell crash according to multiple articles and reports by organizations such as CNN and.

The Daily Mail the sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico was inexplicably evacuated and closed on September 9th by the FBI due to an otherwise unexplained security issue the failure of government officials to provide an explanation prompted an explosion of theories as to the cause of the.

Closure ranging from an epidemic to the detection of extraterrestrial life but with little information forthcoming from the aura officials that operate the facility some intrepid souls have taken to investigating for themselves.

In order to glean some part of the truth drone footage used by the kind permission of YouTube channel Paul M clearly shows that the entire complex is both vast and apparently abandoned the Sun.

SPOT Observatory is part of the National Solar Observatory network which studies the forces behind our Sun in the hopes of advancing our understanding of physics and perhaps at last achieving fusion power the.

Intrepid Paul M was able to.

Record direct statements from a member of private security firm that has apparently been hired to secure the area the anonymous guard claimed to have no knowledge.

Of why the facility had been closed as did another official that Paul M was able to get a verbal statement from unfortunately PMT is sad to report that if the cause of the FBI closure of the.

Facility had been due to alien contact it would have been far more palatable than the actual reason the investigation of the apparent use of the facility for the distribution of child pornography authorities have revealed.

That the FBI had identified a janitorial contractor who apparently had been using his laptop to connect to the observatory Wi-Fi and distribute the disturbing materials with five laptops three cell phones and a.