Ufos: Odd Triangle Of Lights Filmed Over Arizona

Large assortment of storage devices being seized in a search while the individual in question apparently has not yet been arrested or charged with a crime the aura representatives have pledged full cooperation with the FBI’s investigation for PMT’s part we have to admit that we wouldn’t mind having the individuals responsible for these heinous acts to have a close.

Encounter of the kind that it made New Mexico and the Roswell area famous hopefully a very long and close encounter for the final part of our weekly roundup of the weird.

PMT is pleased to bring you a fresh report purportedly showing a triangular UFO slowly hovering over in Arizona City let’s have a look at the footage is it am I getting this am I getting us god I hope I’m getting this try to zoom in a little bit that’s like all different colors and stuff and it’s look it’s rotating do you see it do you see it the way.

It’s moving around I don’t know not saying it’s a lens but but it’s definitely not aliens this is pnt and guess what we’re performing a little experiment to see just how easy it would be to fake it tr-3b and/or UFO what we’ve got here is we’ve got three big punch light up glow LED helium balloons on a light framework which you already saw us constructing and we.

Filled them up with some helium and waited till dark and this is what we’ve got so not too difficult I had them on.

A tripod now it’s for real UFO recording sake let’s go ahead and zoom out and hold it by hand the way most people would so that.

It goes out of focus yeah shaky camera totally shaky game so and of course people would be actually holding their camera this way which always sucks don’t hold your camera vertical hold it like that so I’d say that’s a pretty successful experiment much better than our solar bank not work out well at.
More zoom in it sounds like the neighbors sounds like the neighbors are.

Starting to get it alright so I don’t I mean you don’t see it there we go there we go there she is there she is right there for an experiment she is going and you still see it with the naked eye yeah because we need to use stronger law we should have attached and know if you find this UFO please return I can actually still see it yeah.

There’s all kinds of lights blinking all oh do you see him here on the video I can say to my naked.

Eye I see like the flashing it’s like yes so what was the purpose behind our little experiment.

And presenting it to you as we would any other report the reason is actually.

Quite simple and is found in the principles we’re trying to follow here at PMT it’s easy to simply slap up whatever latest MUFON report has been.

Uploaded or to even generate a deluge of poorly researched and highly biased content alternately it is as easy to debunk can deny paranormal evidence as all being of natural nor a hoaxed nature we have always felt that the facts and the real truth are likely found somewhere in between but how to distinguish the truth from the trash with reason and logic as a guiding principle we believe in the validity of Occam’s razor which states that all things.