Ufos: Odd Triangle Of Lights Filmed Over Arizona

Being equal the simplest explanation is generally the correct one if we can help you to become better observers we can more easily identify those incidents that truly are unexplained but even mister Occam’s razor is not perfect or.

Finally as we have seen frequently throughout our investigations there are times when our current understanding and logic fails us by closing our minds to the boundless possibilities presented by both science and the supernatural we only limit our own search for the real answers so we hope you.

Will forgive our experiment and observation but even so whether the footage we have seen here tonight was the result of an abiding passion to discover the truth a father and daughter having way too much fun with science or something else entirely we’ll leave up to you to decide sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts that’s.

It for this time faithful viewers the sure to click like share subscribe and hit the bell icon to be notified when we present your next portion of the paranormal I’m your host reminding you to keep an open mind because a closed one shuts out.