Masonic Scenes – "mama's Family" Cobra Lodge "secret Society For Select" Says 'vinton'

Hey everybody hell if you can you had your wife scared CL a good thing we were here to calm her down I’m sorry I’m late one but I got great news your husband and your son and your uncle have all been invited to join the mystic Order of the Cobra skeeter the Cobras that’s the most important men’s club.

In town yeah yeah fine fine could we please sit down to dinner before I have to give these pork chops CPR you can count me out mother I got more important things on my mind than food I have to study.

For my Cobra induction ceremony daddy but I thought this was more like a social club oh no Skeeter no it’s a secret society that’s only open to it chosen few oh come off it Benton just the rejects that couldn’t get into the Kiwanis for your information that is very hard.

To memorize the entire contents of this Cobra handbook Oh baby let me see Oh Skeeter ooh women are strictly forbidden to look inside.

This book yeah what’s it got in there a snake centerfold if you’ll excuse me I have.

Secret studying to do grandma would you please pass me the pork chops well these things are stone cold I got to go beat him up well at least they’re still potatoes miss Harper this Cobra Club must be secretive that’s probably why I’ve never heard of it I’m telling you them Cobras are nothing but trouble my car I wanted to join and I put my foot down I suggest you do the same thing.