Ancient Egyptian Mystery | The Mystery Schools And The Great Work (part 1)

People here nobody is I just want to read a real quick little saying that remember the audience told me about this is from Solzhenitsyn and this is one of the reasons I think we’re all here we kind of have to remind ourselves why we’re doing this he says and how we burned in the cab inflator thinking what would.

Things have been like if every security applet of when he went out at.

Night to make an arrest had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family or during periods of mass arrest as for example in Leningrad when they arrested a corner of the entire city people had not simply sat there in their layers paling with terror had every bang.

On the downstairs door and every step on the stair case that understood that they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall.

And ambush of half a dozen people with axes hammers pokers wherever else was on him after all you knew ahead of time with those blue caps were out at night for no good purpose if if but we didn’t love freedom enough that’s what makes this country great it’s not diversity its freedom you sure know how to make me feel very humble thank you so much I.

Think one of the biggest misconceptions in this country is what this country is all about who founded it for what purpose and most specifically what it is that we’re.
All looking for I’m going to try to clarify some of those and in.

Doing it as always happen someone’s going to be angry with my definition of some.
These things I’ve traveled all over the country.

Hundreds of thousands of people individually over a lot of years I’ve broadcast a radio show that brings me thousands of letters every week I administer the world’s largest and most successful civilian intelligence gathering operation in the world which makes me privy to an.

Awful lot of information that none of you will ever see and there’s so much of it I can never present it in a form that you.

Would be able to look at it and digest it so that puts a pretty big burden on me and the people who work with me in the intelligence service and in the cagy News Service in order to digest this information analyze it and be able to present to you what we believe and this is a subjective judgement what you can digest and what.
You need to know at that particular time and in.

Doing this by jesting all this information reading all of these letters from people of every kind of background that you can imagine every race every religion every kind of agenda believe me there’s an awful lot of agendas going on in this country that are dangerous to American being promoted by.

People who claim to be Americans and claimed to be Patriots and who claim to be doing the best for this country including those who want to destroy it bring.

About a one-world totalitarian socialist government they sincerely believe in their heart they’re doing.

The right thing for humankind you see nobody gets up in the morning and sets.

Out to do evil nobody consciously does that I’ve never met any person in my entire life who said I’m evil I’m going to do evil things I like to do evil things.