Top 10 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera By Cctv – Unbelievable Real Ghost Sightings

When people feel safe when they’re around a security camera whether in banks shopping malls or at home they are able to keep an eye on very valuable things stay with us and discover the top scary ghosts accidentally caught on camera by CCTV many person claims that their encounters by guests in real life here are top 10 real ghosts.

Caught on camera by CCTV before we begin make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notified every day for more amazing content malaysian police.

Station ghost Theory footage shows officers jumping up and going to investigate after the glass in trance doors open despite no one standing outside or nearby officers were working the late shift.

At a Malaysian police station when they got an unexpected surprise the officers jumped to their feet in shock as the doors fling open one very violently you can even see that one of the officers finds the event so shocking that he begins to film the open door with his phone now some have theorized that the doors flew open because of wind or the resulting depressurisation of the room however it should be noted that the.

Posters on the wall don’t move an inch and either do any of the papers on the desk also the shocked reaction of the officer certainly doesn’t look as if they have ever experienced this phenomenon before but let me.

Know your theory is this a ghost caught on camera by CCTV or just the wind when that somehow doesn’t blow paper around a ghost walks through the.

Forest many paranormal investigators go out to the.

Most remote places to follow the clues of a possible sighting to do this they decide to place a CCTV and different angles then they leave them recording all night long in most cases the expected results doesn’t come out on the first night however the footage will show next isn’t the case here you’ll be able to see a very roll of landscape probably a country house in the middle of a gloomy forest there.

Is no of the house or rounded on the contrary this seems to be the only building in miles however out of nowhere a.

Spectral figure appears among the trees if you’re a good observer you’ll notice that the humanoid creature walks kind of sideways humped as if.

I were carrying a great weight on its body.

Do you think it could be a chain after all it would be reasonable to think of it as a soul in pain the ghost.

Isn’t on the screen for a long time after a few seconds it disappears into the trees without leaving trace of its presence the courthouse ghost for years workers at the Lincoln County Courthouse in North Carolina had experienced strange goings-on leading them to believe the building was haunted security cameras filming in the locked courthouse caught this.

Image on tape one night many believing it to be the image of a woman writing in an auto pod there were reports of strange noises and alleged ghost sightings but no real evidence late one night the security guard.

Spotted something those are in one of the courthouse rooms it looked like a woman writing on a pad the guards were so convinced that someone was inside the courthouse room that.

A security team was dispatched to investigate but they found no one inside some believed that the writing woman was just a reflection until a local news team decided to investigate so.

Is this a ghost caught on camera or just a strange reflection let me know in the comments a ghost at home when a family at night decide to place security cameras in some rooms.

Are shared an example of this in the case we will show you next this family had made a holiday trip and when they returned home they found a frightening discovery everything was kept an order no object was missing and everything was just as when they left however the father wanted to watch the recordings normal and make sure that nothing had.

Happened during that time as you can see it was 11 o’clock at night and everything was already dark however all.

Of a sudden a completely black.

Shadow comes out of one of the rooms it’s shaped like a person but they were sure no one was there the ghost then moves the corridor like any visitor would and disappears behind the door it was walking we are not sure how the man reacted when he checked.

The cameras much less if he told his family what we can tell you is that sometimes we find things we never looked for security guard sees against J Brown works as the overpass security guard at a senior citizen apartment building in Chicago after the passing of one of the residents he began to notice strange things around the building J was working late one.

Night when he saw something he never expected it was all caught on the building’s CCTV camera so do you think this is a ghost caught on camera or just some strange mist or.

Trick of the light let me know what you think one-legged ghost.

Child theory footage has emerged if a one-legged ghost similar in appearance to the Gallo from time ethology the video shows a child sized creature hopping about of the side of a road in Thailand illuminated by a car’s headlights the clip originally operated to fatter book by chance the settle lark has been viewed nearly four million times and had generated quite the discussion with a large number of people actually convinced it does it indeed show the intimus Gong Gong the Ganga is a mythological child-sized ghost that lives in the woods and hops around rather.

Than walking similar to the hungry ghosts of Chinese mythology its name is said to come from the fact that the creature supposedly screams Gong Gong Gong.

Going repeatedly obviously the more likely explanation is that the creature in the video is actually someone dressed up as against but the footage is certainly creeping out thousands of people online what you think about it let me know in the comments little boy ghost in the stairs the night security guard at a luxury apartment building.

Posted a video of what he believes to be the ghost of a small boy under the apartment staircase he says that the site of the building was once an old post office but it.

Was torn down to build the apartment complex he also mentions that even though the construction is fairly new at least two.

People have passed away in the building the security guard says that he checked the stairwell after seeing the strange shape caught on CCTV but he didn’t find anything out of the ordinary except that the area was unusually cold so what do you think ghosts caught on.

Camera or just a light flare or maybe a bug on the lens the ghost in the field in this clip as you can see the.

Recording a small building on the outskirts of the farm is used as a warehouse that’s why one of the employees goes there looking for a tool the young man who’s not over 25 years old tries to open the door despite seeming doubtful at first as he does so a strange white figure appears out of nowhere and causes him to flee from the place the door remains completely open but little by little the wind begins.

To close it as you could imagine he was aware of the stories that were told about that warehouse after all the.

About the countryside seem to be true and very frightening against in the garden in this video was aiming directly to the wall that separated the backyard from the street however what draws our attention is a figure that walks from one place to another among the trees you must.

Be very attentive to see it as it only appears on the screen for a few seconds it seems to be the shadow of a person walking.

After all this shadow is reflected in the wall in the same way that one of the person would however no man or a woman walking around.

The place is shown in the recording all of this happens in the middle of the night and the area is very lonely do you think the people live in a home like this one are.

Aware of the paranormal entities they share their houses with or do they live without knowing how terrifying can be to walk around the garden paranormal activity in restaurant staff at her American themed diner had been left convinced their premises are haunted after a glass was seen flying off the shelf and smashing to the ground on camera they in Boston Lincoln Chia have shared CCTV footage which shows the glass.

In the bar appear to move on its own before falling to the ground lincolnshire live reports that member of staff can be seen on the footage nowhere near where the glass fell serving a customer when he looks around to see what has happened if you like my video don’t forget like and.
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