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Jones why do you seek the cup of Christ is it for his glory or your own you can turn back now or learn the stuff they don’t want you to know although thanks for tuning in that is Matt I’m Ben this is stuff they don’t want you to know we’re back from a vacation which is.

Why we had just classic episodes last week now some of you who might be Indiana Jones fans probably recognize the quotation at the top it comes.

From matt knives favorite Indiana Jones film the Last Crusade in that film there’s a really weird thing that happens and this faction of the Nazi Party is questing around the Middle East looking for the Holy Grail the cup of.

Christ weirdly enough that’s sort of based on the on a real event as we know the real-life Nazi Party tried a lot of weird things and we’re not even talking about the depraved horrible things we’re talking about just weird things and to be fair all world governments have done and probably are doing.

Things that sound pretty weird our government the government of wherever you’re watching this but what are.
Three really strange things the Nazi Party did here’s number.

One expeditions yes the Nazi Party did have expeditions to Tibet to Mongolia to.

Parts of India Greenland Eastern Europe Finland the list goes on and why they were looking for mythological or lost civilizations they were looking to create their own myths now remember that because we’re going to come back to that later so back to the Grail specifically Heinrich Himmler pretty high up in the in the Nazi hierarchy pretty high up in some occult hierarchies at least.

Self-reported beliefs Heinrich Himmler actually traveled to Barcelona Spain to look for the physical Holy Grail why he thought it would give him superpowers that is true he thought it was a real and be possibly capable of.

Giving him powers beyond those of mortal men did he find the Grail as far as we know he did.
Not he also believed there was an author.

There was a big fan of who said that the Grail might be in France again in either case we.

Don’t think he found it we have no proof that he did and speaking of Himmler that leads us to number two on our list occult rituals now we’ve all seen the films and the movies like dead snow you know where they’re these cursed Nazi zombies and where people high up in the Nazi.

Hierarchy are practicing dark magic Himmler actually believed in a lot of this stuff or at least the symbolism and that’s why the SS actually did have this mandate to practice occult rituals basically pagan holidays maybe you think about it a holiday is pretty.

Much a ritual and from the outside looking in it seems pretty occult so what we know about this is that in the mid 1930s I believe 1936 Himmler actually sent out a memo detailing the.

Pagan holidays and ceremonies.

That the SS should celebrate instead of the Christian holidays because he was trying to wean the German people as.

A whole away from Christianity this is not the third thing this is just something that we think is interesting did.

The Nazi Party discover nuclear power did they make nuclear weaponry well there’s a big question about that that goes into something called Operation epsilon which Matt and I are going to be exploring in an audio podcast coming up and you know maybe a video it’s a story for another day sorry for the.

Fake out number three number three weird thing that the Nazis did actively they sought to recreate history or depending on how they saw it they sought to correct history which had already been distorted and they sought to do this with a department called the N in M and in Arab and Nana ba I’m mispronouncing it but this department was very real imagine a folklore department at your local university.

Given billions of dollars of funding with sky’s the limit ideas as long as they made certain preconceived notions appear to be true like the idea of an Aryan master race the idea of a lost civilization that fell apart due.

To some weird Cataclysm or the idea that at some level magic is real so when Matt and I found out about this institution which a lot of people surprisingly were unaware of we knew it had to be the subject of our next video so if you would like to learn more about the Nazi quest around the world to reconstruct history then please stay tuned for the upcoming video.
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