7 Unsolved Mysteries Behind Common Traditions

So ordinarily the way in educational video works is that you have some know-it-all guy like me telling you a bunch of facts but this video is not going to be like that know what I’m gonna do in this video is tell you a bunch of things that I don’t know and in fact nobody knows because they are unknown.
Here are seven unsolved mysteries about ordinary things.

Number one is giving apples to the.

Teacher this is one of these very entrenched cartoon clipart things that we all know and love even though no one.

Actually gives apples to teachers these days the whole teacher Apple connection is a very entrenched one the whole.

Apple motif certainly seems to be the go-to design for a lot of teacher dips and knickknacks but why apples well we just don’t know the only thing that everyone seems to agree on is that it’s an American thing some think it might have something to do with like the Apple of the Bible and the whole idea of the fruit of knowledge others take it more literally and think that in the.

Old days maybe teachers were so poor that the children would literally bring them apples to eat but the fact is we just don’t know traditions like these can be very hard to research because they are often famous just for being famous and by the time everyone knows the tradition the tradition has probably stopped actually being done and it is sort of devolved into just this very symbolic thing which winds up leaving no solid historical consensus just big theories mystery.

Number two is the 21-gun salute all around the world whenever there is a big ceremony involving the military a bunch.

Cannons will fire off 21 rounds forming a 21-gun salute what we do know is that wasting ammo in this way is an age-old tradition of showing respect it’s a way.

Of saying look I have the power to hurt you but I’m choosing not to that sort of thing is a tradition that goes back ages it is like the equivalent of laying down your sword but why is our modern-day version of this a 21-gun salute.

Why not a 15 gun salute or an 11 gun salute once again no one really knows what we do know.

Is that 21-gun salutes originated with the British but there are a.

Lot of contradictory theories on how they settled on that number one theory says that in the old days British warships always had exactly seven cannon and so they used to do a seven.

Gun salute and then gunpowder became cheaper they were able to do the salute three times as long so it went from seven to twenty one.

But then you have other people who say no they just picked seven because seven is a lucky number and then they pick three because three is also a.

Lucky number and so like 21 is.

Like a super-duper lucky number even though we don’t really use twenty-one is a lucky number in any other context but you know it is also very possible that twenty-one is just a kind of random number because the British.

Like to make everything super complicated in the past they did in fact experiment with a lot of different types.

Of salutes in which you would fire the gun a certain number depending on who you were saluting so the.

Thinking is that at one time 21 was a specific.