Fallout 76 – Confirmation We'll Be Starting The Game Inside A Vault

Welcome back ladies and gentleman to another for our 76 video my name is camel and today we’ll be taking a look at the no clip documentary they are released yesterday within the last 24 hours easily which covers the history of Bethesda Game Studios it’s about 90 minutes long and it’s the very same documentary in which we got the.

Confirmation that there would be multiple Bethesda Game Studios games at e3 this year you can check out my full video on that if that sounds interesting to you but of course during this documentary they’re talking to all.

The developers one of which is undoubtedly Todd Howard and when they’re talking about the.
Beginning of Fallout 3 and the beginning of Fallout games Todd says this I.

Always love the vaults probably every fallout we do you’ll be coming out of the vault.

I like the emerging into the world probably every full art will do you’ll be coming out of a vault I like the emerging into the world now the reason he says every fallout we do you probably be coming.

Out of a vault that’s just because he doesn’t want to.

In the future but what this does say is that to date every Fallout game that Bethesda Game Studios has made you’ve come out of a vault you’ve started in the vault the classic you know in the eldest girls you start as a prisoner well in Fallout.

It’s the classic thing you’re going to be coming out of a vault and if you’re not super familiar with the difference two years Fallout New Vegas was made by obsidian not Bethesda Game Studios that’s why.

The start of that you are not coming out of a vault because it wasn’t made by this studio so why is this important well that’s super important but given the.

For that 76 teaser trailer that we gods gave us so little information we kind of had to bridge gaps between things to come to any solid conclusions about fallout 76 what we see.

In the teaser trailer is basically a vault which we assume is vault 76 because on the back of the jumpsuit it says 76 and therefore the fourth game is called fallout 76 because we’re from vault 76 however in the law vault 76 was.

Meant to open 20 years after the bombs fell but during the teaser trailer on the pip-boy the date is 25 years after the bombs fell so because of this unexplained five-year gap and also the fact that there’s no one else in the vault in the T a trailer a lot of people were thinking that perhaps we play a scavenger someone from outside the vaults and we’ve come into this now abandoned vaults and a scavenging up items you know Chuck on the.

Shiny new jumpsuit Chuck on the pip-boy that you find.

On a table but it turns out that will not be the case we will be starting in vault 76 as a.

Vault dweller and something that backs us up a little bit more is on the trophy shelf there’s an award for joining the isolation program so this.

Might explain why there’s only one person in a vault that was meant to hold 500 people or have 500 occupants so hopefully anyone that was confused about whether we’re a scavenger from the outside.

Into the vault or whether we we’re in fact a vault dweller to begin with that’s cleared up the air I always love the vaults probably every fall out we knew you’ll be coming out of the vault I like the emerging into the world every Fallout game that will make I imagine you’ll be coming.

Out of a vault and considering they’ve already finished fallout 76 he’s just told us that we’re going to be starting in vault 76 in fallout 76 now some people like.

That you start in a fault some people dislike that you start in a vault I’ve seen.

A lot of command saying oh can we please not start as a vault dweller this Fallout game well sorry to say it looks like we’re gonna be starting at a vault this falleth game but I don’t really see an issue with starting in a vault the most important thing to me about epithets the game studios game beginning is that it’s vague enough for you to have a clean slate you know in the Elder Scrolls game you’re a prisoner that’s it that’s all you know that leaves a lot of room for you.

To then fill in the whole role-playing element as your characters backgrounds fallout 4 took away from this a bit because the male character was in the army and the female character was a psychiatrist I think so it doesn’t give you the.

Freshest blankest slate kind of stunts because your characters have these whole backstories to them already kind of eradicating that role-playing element so as long as it’s a very vague like you.

Just a vault dweller and here’s the game go out and play that’s what I hope and I hope they don’t give out characters a massive backstory already again.

That just eliminates we’re all playing elements so apart from that I have no issue starting in a vault I don’t care where we start but a vault is a great place to start you know there’s a bunch of.

Resources there hopefully some weapons it’s like the ultimate place to start a game essentially so I hope this is cleared up where we’ll be starting and I hope that you’re excited about starting the game in volts 76 in just three days I think I.

To III and then Bethesda showcases in like four to five days from right this second so that’s exciting it’s not long now but I thought I’d bring this to everyone’s attention just hopefully tired over the confusion and excitement until the Festus III.

Conference so thanks very much for watching and I’ll see you soon in the next video.