Cairo's Mystery Part 1 | Who Were There Before Cairo? | Mysteries Ancient Egypt

Cairo's Mystery Part 1 | Who Were There Before Cairo? | Mysteries Ancient Egypt

Kairo is probably more important ancient history than we have yet to discover the city is constructed on ancient ruins of which are mostly unknown because the masonry was used to construct the city the fabled lost fourth pyramid was torn down for the purposes of building Cairo and the sheer number of times that its residents have come across tombs.
And lost treasures is enough to.

At least suggest that Cairo is another city built upon the ruins of the.

Gods think about it the Giza Plateau is right there then there is Cairo but the city is modern and is not known to always have been there so what was there what is there more.

Importantly is Cairo purpose-built on top of something of historical importance is.

The city a giant canopy wait do you hear this to begin to understand we must first try to understand.
A little bit about the history of Cairo the old kingdom of.

Egypt is also known as the age of the pyramids or age of the pyramid builders it is a time that is mostly forgotten and surviving only in the form of the mega structures we see today the historical records of this period are scarce and so-called historians regard the history of the area as literally written in stone and largely architectural in that it is through the monuments and their inscriptions that scholars.

Have been able to construct a history out of their short-sighted biased educational process which as we know is flawed to the point of a fruit that has rotted the pyramids themselves relay scant information on their builders but the mortuary temples built nearby and the.

Later Stila which accompanied them provided Kings names and other important information from the dynastic period it is therefore through the dynastic period of Egypt we have to reinterpret the earlier Kingdom just as the dynastic Egyptians themselves had to interpret the kingdom they inherited or found as it were inscriptions in stone found elsewhere from the time record various events and the dates.

Of which they occurred finally the tomb of the last king of the fifth dynasty unas provides the first Pyramid Texts which shed light on the religious beliefs.

Of the time religious beliefs are thought to have emerged based on actual events of the before time this is a time that gods walked among us and is what we may refer to as myth but there are the oral stories that were inscribed during the re-emergence of Egypt so what was Cairo it wasn’t a barren wasteland it was something right it may be notable to.

Tell you that Cairo is named after planet Mars Cairo literally means Conqueror and when it was founded Mars was rising the conquering star there is also a suggestion that King Tut’s wound was inflicted not from a carriage but.

From crash landing at Cairo in a spaceship of sorts on his way back from a trade agreement with Mars.

Absolutely insane guys we don’t need to be told Swiss scientists say they can prove beyond a doubt that the lost city of Atlantis was on Mars and its astronauts traded with ancient Egypt for thousands.

Of years suggesting that Egypt was an outpost of the Atlantean Empire we will eat the article below the origins of present-day Cairo traced back to the Egyptian.