Top 5 Most Haunted Places In America

Top five most haunted places in America everything from mansions to Penitentiary’s there’s no shortage of haunted sites in the United States but certain places easily stand out when ghosts are mentioned the five locations on this list are considered so sinister and malevolent anyone interested in ghosts would love to visit them these are the top five most haunted places.

In America number five Moundsville penitentiary located in Moundsville West Virginia the penitentiary here first opened its doors to inmates.

In 1866 during the time only a temporary wooden facility was in place as.

Construction continued until the main stone buildings were completed ten years later by the time the stones were cemented in place Moundsville became a revolutionary prison not only did it have a.

Gorgeous Gothic style facade but it boasted of quality cells and facilities the first.

It had accommodations for 251 inmates soon other facilities were added including a carpentry shop paint and wagon shop stone.

Yard bakery tailor and hospital it was completely.

Self-sufficient but like everything does over time the prison deteriorated it became crowded and by 1929 a single five by seven foot cell once used by a single inmate SWE’s together three grown men on October 8th 1929 the prison saw one of its many homicides the inmate Rd wall was attacked by.

Three other prisoners using makeshift ships for being a snitch with the overcrowding soon several riots and violence erupted on a regular basis on November 7 1979 fifteen prisoners escaped then the prison saw a severe ride in 1986 that lasted for two.

Whole days leaving three inmates dead later on in the year the West Virginia Supreme Court proclaimed the tiny jail cells to be cruel and unusual punishment forcing the penitentiary to close for good in 1995 with a deep dark and violent.

History it’s no surprise that since its closure this place has been subject to many tales of ghosts and hauntings approximately 36 murders happen within the prison walls plus there were the countless inmates.

Who died of natural causes while staying there many of those who died were buried at the cemetery next to the prison especially the inmates without families to top it off the area where the prison stands was once an Indian.

Burial ground to begin with a year after it was decommissioned the penitentiary opened again with former guards giving haunted tours and telling stories about the prison – an interested audience horror stories were brought to the forefront thanks to shows like MTV’s fear wherein they place contestants inside the prison for two days hoping to confirm whether the hauntings were real since then various channels including the Discovery Channel sci-fi and ABC have created specials are shot on location.

Focusing on the haunted aspect of Moundsville those who visit mentioned that there are known hotspots of activity inside these include the chapel the death row area the shower cages and an area called the Sugar Shack this last one was a recreational space where death row inmates were hung prior to the use of.

The electric chair one observed phenomenon is the turning of the circular entrance gate this particular gate was used to separate arriving inmates from the prison wardens quarters on occasion the gate.

Itself turning even without anyone there as if the prisoners and inmates are still arriving today part of the prison is used.

As a training facility it’s gymnasium is still used to handle overflow of inmates from other prisons and the rest is open to haunted ghost tours number four Winchester Mystery House after the heir to the Winchester rifle William Winchester died from tuberculosis he left behind a fortune to his.

Wife Sarah the Williams family was.

Known for creating the world-famous Winchester rifle a weapon described as the.

Gun that won the West according to the story Sarah was advised by Boston medium channeling her husband to travel west and build a home for herself and for the spirits of people who had fallen or gotten killed using Winchester rifles Sarah left New Haven Connecticut eventually ended up in San Jose California it was here that she purchased an unfinished farmhouse in 1884 and started building what is now known.

As the Winchester Mystery House carpenters were hired to work on the house 24 hours a day they were paid at a higher price than what the minimum wage was at the time so they could keep on building for 38 years construction continued on this house Sarah didn’t employ an architect or have a master blueprint to follow instead.

She ordered carpenters to add to the building haphazardly until it was transformed into what it is now as.

A result there are stairs that lead.

To a wall doors that lead to empty rooms are sometimes even know where small inch sized closets windows overlooking other rooms and more she also ordered trapdoors secret rooms skylights in the floor.

Weird stained-glass windows or ones with unusual Shakespearean quotes there are also doors that open to sheer drops below in the.

End the home not only looked odd because of the many details it had but it boasted of 10,000 windows 950 doors 40 stairways three elevators six kitchens and 47 fireplaces it was revolutionary for its time with indoor showers electricity wool insulation and a sewage system however despite.

No one seems to know for sure how many rooms are actually in the house before was transformed into a tourist attraction and restored the new owners kept coming up with different numbers when they did account however the estimated number is approximately 160 even more bizarre as.

Sarah’s panache for the number 13 this number repeats in the number of windows window panes and stairways she even signed her will 13 times it has 13 bathrooms in the house with the 13th one containing 13 windows by itself those who hear of the houses bizarre.

Construction layout say Sarah.

Had believed the ghost of the rifle victims had come to haunt her causing her misfortune in a bid to confuse these spirits she created the bizarre structure hoping to escape her.

Tormentors and gain some peace of course others claim Sarah was simply crazy but historians believe she may have worked on the house to help stave off depression and the constant building of the home reminded her of the.