Top 10 Most Mysterious Disappearances!

From cases of mistaken identity to blatantkidnappings.
stay tuned to number 1 to find out what happened with these mysterious disappearances! Number 10: Brandon Lawson.
Brandon Lawson was a 26 year old father of4 from San Angelo, Texas.
Brandon had a fight with his girlfriend oneevening in 2013 and drove off into the night.

Then, at around 2 am, 911 got a.

Call fromBrandon and he was clearly in distress in the call.

He was hard to make out but he had told policethat somebody had chased him into the woods near a gas station and that he was bleeding.
Was cut off and it was the last thatanybody heard of him.
Common belief is that he stumbled on somesort of criminal activity and the people involved had seen him and shot. This is even more likely when you hear thatBrandon had a warrant out for his arrest and still called 911 for help when he was beingchased. As far as what it was that he came acrossor what happened to.

Him after his phone call, nobody knows.and there has been no furtherinformation over what became of him. Maura Murray Back in 2004, 21 year old, straight A nursingstudent, Maura Murray lost control of her car and crashed into a snow bank.

Passerby but rejectedany help that they offered; worried about her safety they phoned the police anyway. The police arrived on the scene just 10 minuteslater, but when they got there, they found her car locked and Maura nowhere. There were no tracks in the snow leading awayfrom the car and sniffer dogs couldn’t find any trace of her in the surrounding area. An investigation was formed around her disappearanceand that is where things began to get strange. Maura had withdrawn $280 from her bank accounton.

The night she had disappeared.

It was also discovered that she sent an e-mail to herteacher lying about a death in the family. In her dorm room all of her belongings hadbeen packed into boxes as if she was moving out, despite nobody knowing anything aboutit. To this day, whatever happened to Maura onthe night of her accident. In September of 1994, Mayumi Arashi disappearedafter leaving her sister Yoko’s house one evening and saying that she was meeting witha friend, strangely when her friend was contacted, she stated that they had never agreed to meetat all. Her room was searched for clues and.

Whilea note was found stating that she was meeting with somebody she identified as “A;” A wascontacted.

Had met, but he offered no further informationon it.

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From Zero2Hero! There was little to no progress on the caseuntil 2011 when a TV network interviewed Yoko and her father in an attempt to see how theywere handling the disappearance. While her father was being interviewed, itwas discovered that, while the father said nothing incriminating, there was a note ona shelf in the background saying “Dont believe what Yoko says.” Little is known about whether Yoko has beeninvestigated.