Evernote Tips: How To Easily Use Evernote To Store And Access Digital Information In The Future

Hello everybody this is scott bradley coming to you from w w scott bradley name and in this Evernote Scott video I’m gonna go over something that will help you keep everything that you want to reference in the future but you don’t necessarily want to keep in your personal space all the time right now this is gonna be a.

Very quick video it’s a very simple setup that I’m gonna show you that allows me to keep keep every you know I mean.
Every single day we’re bombarded with so much.

Incoming stuff some of it we delete some of it we address and others that we.
Want to keep it but we don’t necessarily know where we want to organize it.

Or how we want to keep up with it so this little Evernote setup system is really going to help you manage that third type the it’s always coming to me I don’t always have time to look at it I.

Don’t always have time to deal with it in the moment but I want to keep it to reference later so the way we set this up is very very simple the.

First thing you want to do is go and create a notebook and I like to call this notebook the reference notebook and in in simple simple terms the reference notebook is set up.
To manage all of the stuff that you come across.

That you don’t necessarily address in the moment but it’s for future reference so for.

Instance you see a blog post that’s posted in your Facebook feed that’s valuable that you don’t necessarily want to act on all the information.

Right now but you want to rep be able to reference it later and find it quick quickly and easily so you can implement it when you’re ready to so again just set up a reference notebook and there’s really nothing special in here but here is what happens and how you utilize it let’s say.

Again going back to that example of you’re in your Facebook feed one of your friends shares a blog post from a website and.

You find that the content is a really valuable be definitely something you want to keep at your fingertips but not necessarily on your Desktop or put the link in somewhere that you want to.

Access every day and third it maybe also of that piece of content where it’s like you know you’re gonna reference this in the future when you either do a new project bring on a new client.

Work with somebody new but you want to put it somewhere and organize it in a way that makes sense to you so you can find it fast when you need it so the way this works is that in this notebook and so we got the reference notebook we have all the notes in the reference notebook.

And we got the content in each note so let’s just take that example like I said earlier you’re gonna create a new note and you’re gonna make title it whatever it is blog post about XYZ topic it may be real estate investing tips okay and then what you’re.

Gonna do is you’re gonna put the link here and then put any commentary about article for instance I liked how simple the step by step process whatever okay so you’ve put.
In your reference notebook that you want to reference.

In the future possibly now here is where the magic happens and what why this this notebook and this.

Set up that I’m going to show you is so valuable at the end of the day the magic is in the tagging structure that you set up for yourself now you may be I’m gonna show you my tagging structure in a second but first let to you I want you to step back for a moment and think what are the things and the categories and the contexts that I want to set up and because I know the type of content that I’m.

Gonna want to collate and put in my reference notebook in the future because what that’s gonna help you do is create.

The context and the tags to find this stuff way.

Faster in the future so I’m going to just show you a list of some of my tags and how I set it up so this is a screenshot of.

Some of the tags let me just make it very so this is a list of my tags that I.

Have and as you can see the way I structure it is I have a I have again as all my tags have done in the past you know four contacts it was Co n four people pad it was pe EPS for funnel it was fu n but for.

All the tags for the reference notebook it starts with ref so as you can see here this one is reference content blog biz so all the content that I come across that’s rep that’s a blog base content but its business content that.

I know I want a reference in the future I tagged it reference content blog biz let’s look at another one reference personal reminders.

The things that I can may come across I want to have personal reminders in the future there you go reference placing ads Direct Mail reference placing ads mobile reference placing ads web.

As you can see I’m definitely in the marketing space that these would make sense why I have these tags reference placing solo ads let’s see another one here reference tools reference verbage you know reference hotel again these contexts that you set up for yourself are really going to be catered.

To you and your needs and your you know your behavior and how you’re gonna look up things in the future that you want.

To save so again this could be picture based stuff this could be content based stuff this could be white papers that you read that you want to reference later possibly this could be audios that you listen to that you may want to.

Reference in the future this you know this is kind of like the final dumping ground for content that doesn’t fit into any of the other previous notebooks and systems that we set up in the asked in all of these past evernote videos so again as you can imagine you’re going to basically build up this reference notebook with multiple.

Different notes multiple different kinds of pieces multiple different you know pieces of information that you may want to reference later but you don’t want to necessarily keep it at the forefront of your day every single day and.

The thing is is that once you build this framework of tagging of tags and multiple notes in this reference notebook what it allows you to.

Do is in the future you say okay I need to reference that note or that article about.

This specific thing and I know it’s in my reference notebook so I’m gonna go up here and go reference and I’m gonna go you know breath you know again my tags aren’t here because I haven’t built anything in here I just showed you the list and then you can go ref and.