Nemonic, Intelligen Tool For Productivity @ifa2018

Nemonic, Intelligen Tool For Productivity @ifa2018

Our next startup it’s Markos lab and here’s manager Capasso he’s telling us more about the mini printer hello so hi everyone my name is Mario and I’m from the South Korean company which is called Mantis level today we want to talk to you about a concept which is really important to us which is productivity so when we are.

It feels amazing because we are always at the top of our game and our idea translates into a complete word and we feel awesome but you know sometimes that’s not what it.

What happens right sometimes you feel stuck sometimes we don’t know how to turn our thoughts into concrete work and it’s a kind of a bad feeling so in order to get all the flow of hired ideas.
Of organized silly concrete we usually tend to put our ideas onto.

Pieces of paper so we try to jot down anything that comes up in our lives and put it onto paper and try to organize it some kind of way.

And in order to do so can I ask you what is the tool that we usually need use to write down ideas and any suggestions well I’ll tell you it’s right sticky notes so sticky notes are awesome are they’re so handy they’re fast.

And they’re really reliable when we want to just quickly chop down anything that comes up to our mind but you know also sticky notes has downsides we tend to lose them we tend to discard.

Them and these are not feasible for long term projects it just really quick is a really it’s a process that happen in the moment so that’s why it we usually tend to turn to Jill digital because we digital we can easily store and manage our ideas and concepts but on the other side digital is not so easy.

To reach so we admire that I’ve come with this graphic it shows you the productivity tools that we use we can be divided into analog and digital for analog is really easy to reach so they’re really handy but they’re really hard to maintain over time for digital.

Instead is the exact opposite they’re kind of hard to reach but.

They’re easily managed and shared so at Mangus.

We thought really carefully about this issue and came up with a product and.

Show you yeah this is the morning so pretty straightforward wise mnemonic is a sticky note printer so the mobile experience is divided into two we have the hardware and software you can use mnemonic to print save and share your ideas and thoughts very easily so as you can see mnemonic design as it’s really simple is meant to be on any kind of Dax it’s meant to feed any kind of environment and of course we received also different words like the good design award in Japan and Innovation Awards SES 2017 and.
Know this this is the paper that you will need and you will not need.

Any ink or toner so with the single roll of our paper you can fit up to 200 regular sticky notes and they will cost as much as as a regular post single.

That we used to buy in the past so also the maintenance fee is really accessible and you will not need any ink or toner so you will.

Only need to replace our paper and for software we have software on both mobile and PC so you can use the mnemonic app from the smartphone it’s all available of course on iOS and enjoy it as well and on mac and windows.