Get More Done With The New Google Tasks

Hi there i’m jamie kita and welcome to teachers tech hope you’re having a great night tonight tonight we’re gonna take a look at the new Google Tasks they’ve recently revamped and have a nice clean look to it great in the new Gmail on iOS or Android but actually I’m not gonna go through and explain this to you I.

Brought in a special guest who’s an expert on productivity on apps and all the software that’s out there his name is francesco from from keep productive and he’s gonna go through it with you right now hello there thank you very much to.

Jamie first of all for having me here on the teachers tech Channel it’s great to be in touch with all you guys hopefully a lot of you guys are educators out there all those who are really using software.

In schools so hopefully this review of Google Tasks which has been recently been released will go over some of the most important functions of it now I’m just a little known I do run my own YouTube channel which is called keep productive I’ll get Jamie to include the link in description but if you are not following his.

Channel here on teachers that keep make sure to subscribe here too so Google Tasks for iOS and for Android what is this new application what.

Now because there’s you know Google always adding to their experiences now some of.

Of Google keep and maybe even recommended it to a few of your students in the.

Past Google keep is essentially like a note-taker.

Slash checklist application it’s almost like having post-it notes in your pocket.

And it’s great application for iOS Android and web and lots of people really enjoy it but Google keep but obviously needed some sort of task management experience allowing you to essentially.

Create a to-do list for your day now Google having done exactly that with Google Tasks they have released it on iOS and Android and is now available inside the new Gmail which I believe Jamie reviewed here on child so do check out the Gmail review here he talked a little bit about how its embedded inside of the Gmail application now as an add-on so you.

Google Tasks and Google keep there which is pretty exciting but Google Tasks is essentially your to-do list application it’s a dead simple one and if you’re recommending it and it’s yours students or to other faculty members I think it’s a good solution it’s a pretty simplistic solution many because the application doesn’t really do a great deal in terms of you know anything too snazzy so the application allows you to add to.

Do’s to lists and from the application you can add to Do’s with details some tasks and also due dates as well so you can start adding in you know what pieces of homework you need to mark or what bits of research you need to do so.

– a pretty simplistic application and there’s something that a lot of people are enjoying because sometimes maybe some of you are using some more advanced task managers for software and.

Sometimes it can get pretty bloated or maybe a bit overwhelming and that’s totally understandable and a lot of people do revert to pen and paper and this.

Is sort of a nice medium to some extent you don’t want to go too advanced but you want this simplicity of very similar to no pen and.

Paper so this could be a great application.

For you especially for students as well if.

You and your students are looking for a good task manager this could be the one because it’s really distraction free there’s no adverts or applications sort of pushing you out and it does work really really well so students can start adding tasks even to lists so for example they could have a homework list.

They could have a list of per class which is quite exciting and they can access this all through their Gmail or even through the iOS and Android applications without having too much of a differentiated experience they can obviously keep to that layout now the application does provide some really nice font and illustrations if that’s something that excites you and it’s really designed in a white style so you’ve got.

This lovely clean canvas to start adding tasks to now there’s no limit to adding tasks and you can even sort them by.

Date or even just the order that you put them in and subtasks are simply displayed below each of the tasks which makes it really easy to see and start ticking off exactly.

On you can even see all of your completed items but if that’s.

Something you don’t want to see you can click the delete all completed items and they’ll go away but it’s a really nice experience especially if you’re trying to simplify everything so guys hopefully you enjoyed this quick you.
Of Google Tasks for iOS do jump over to.

My channels because I believe Jamie will be coming over very soon to do a full grammerly review his opinions.

His thought on the really popular spell-checking service so guys thanks very much I hope you can join myself over to keep productive YouTube channel but just to say a big thank you to.

Gemma for having me on and I’m looking forward to being back very soon anyways guys thanks so much for stopping by make sure to have a great week keep productive and I’ll see you guys very very soon.