Should You Switch To Google Keep? (evernote Comparison)

I have been a longtime user of Evernote and I have recommended Evernote to hundreds if not thousands of people as their primary note-taking tool it is so important that you have an application that you can quickly grab those ideas grab a a new image maybe you have a quick conversation in the hallway or a quick conversation with someone.

And you need to grab that information quickly and easily however in the past year I.
Have grown somewhat frustrated with the Evernote you interface and.

It’s not so much that they’ve made many changes with Evernote I’m just finding myself that there’s too many clicks I need to take too many steps in order for me to capture something new or to go find something new so recently I took a test-drive of Google keep and I have been most impressed so today I want to give you a short demo of Google keep how you can use it and where I think.

It actually has an advantage over an application like Evernote when it comes to capturing notes the most important thing is how quickly you can capture those ideas.

How quickly can you enter them whether that’s on.

Your mobile device or whether that’s on the desktop so right for the beginning I love that search is upfront right it’s upfront it’s easy to find I don’t have to click on anything to get to search I probably shouldn’t be so surprised since this product is from Google also the ability to take a note is upfront right I don’t need.

To select a plus symbol I don’t need to go find something else very easy to capture a new note so let’s add a few notes as an example I’m.

Gonna call Jenny about dinner plans I can either hit done or just click outside of the box and it’s gonna capture it there like an email Ted about the.

Tuesday meeting this time I’m just gonna hit done and you can see it sort of displays the notes in a bit of a post-it note.
Style most of them tend to be in sort of.

A square square shape depending on what you’re capturing some other quick ways of capturing notes if you want to add a new list I think this is a really big advantage over Evernote a quick way to create a new checklist so let’s am I’m creating a grocery list for example I’m.

It’s gonna grab me my very next item on that on that on that list so there I’ve got my my quick checklist and not only was it easy to create but I can start interacting with that list without actually opening it up so I can just start crossing things off here without actually opening up the list in this view so it’s very easy to.

Check things off or uncheck things in that list the other quick way of capturing would be an image now of course on your mobile device you can quickly take a photo but here on the desktop you’re going.

To need to add an attachment I’m just gonna double click that grab an image from my computer I can add a note here if I if I want not necessary but let me just let me just put that in there hit done and you.

Can see it’s nice and visual I can see the entire image or most of the image here a great way to to visualize my notes now one disadvantage especially.

For those used to be in forever note infrastructure is that Google keep does not allow you to sort by creation date or the last day.