Evernote: How To Use Notebooks And Tags

Evernote: How To Use Notebooks And Tags

You never note you have notes notebooks and tags now notes are simply you click a new note and you start typing and there’s your note this is a note you can put notes inside your notebooks so think of it like a filing cabinet you open a notebook and inside you have different notes and just like a filing cabinet.

You open it up and you have different folders inside the filing cabinet so you can organize your Evernote in several different ways whichever method works best for you for example you.

Could have a bunch of different notebooks you know you could have notebooks for your business things your personal documents your recipes your clients and then within those notebooks are all the different notes relating to that particular item now you can also use tags so then create a note right here.
And I’m creating a note called I’m going to plan my meal planning for.

The week and I start typing all my.

Different information that I want to plan out my meals and my grocery lists here well one of the things I can do is I can add tags right here so for example maybe this includes a vegetarian meal so I could create a tag called vegetarian maybe it contains.

Pasta and I can create a tag called pasta well if I could type pasta and so the cool thing about tags is when you click on tags here you can then see them and see all the notes that have tags so for.

Example if you put tags of vegetarian you could then click on this tag and see all your nodes that are marked vegetarian so that’s a very cool way to find things now there’s mixed people have mixed reviews on whether they want to use notebooks.
Or both so the cool thing is.

You can do whatever works for you you can have notes in your notebooks and you can also use tags with those or I do know people that really have.
Like two notebooks and then they just.

Use tags to find things because the search capabilities in Evernote is pretty amazing especially if you have the the premium version of Evernote.

You can search your notes and even search inside PDFs in your notes so the search capability is pretty amazing but if you’re like me you might want to use the notebooks because you’re kind of used.

To that you know you’re used to a notebook of any information inside that so you kind of got to see what works best for you and come up with your combination of notebooks and tags and just kind of play with it you may use it for awhile and then think you know I don’t need to keep all these organized in.

Notebooks I’ll just lump everything into maybe a personal notebook and a business notebook and use tags it’s all what works for you and that’s what’s great about Evernote is you have a lot of different possibilities so try it out try some notebooks try some tags and see what system works best for you.