Working With Evernote | How I'm Organising My Language Studying.

Working With Evernote | How I'm Organising My Language Studying.

And young sao young go get saw on Cal Poly namida hello and welcome to another episode of working with Evernote my name is Carl Pauline and in this week’s episode I’m going to show you how I am using Evernote to build my very own language learning resource now for those of you who don’t know I have made it.

A goal to become fluent in Korean by the end of June 2019 that essentially gives me just about eleven months now to get fluent now the way I’m doing this is I am utilizing the power of the 5.
Club made famous by Robin Sharma and I am waking up at 5 a.
every morning and Monday to Friday and I am studying Korean and actually I’ve been doing this for about a month now and I absolutely love the 5 a. time really surprising because I am never ever thought that I was a morning person but I really am enjoying that one hour where I am learning Korean practicing with my dog anyway.

He’s the only one who wakes up at that time in the morning in our.

Household so what I wanted to do was to show you how I have set up my Evernote to help me to do this because essentially what I do is I can walk around the house I can use my iPad and I can actually use the utilize the power of Evernote on my iPad to do this so what I.

Wanted to do is to show you how I have things set up right now and I’m sure that over the coming months I.
Will give you updates of how it’s developing and you.

Can also maybe get some ideas of how you two could recreate your very own learning resource in Evernote now before we go any further I would just like to say if you like this video please click on the.

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Evernote and I’ll show you how I have things set up right so here we are in my notebooks view and as you can see in my current projects stuck I have a project notebook old Korean and what I’m gonna do is if.

I double-click on that I have now 10 notes in here now the way I’m organizing it at the moment is I’m not actually assigning any labels yet because I haven’t really decided how I’m going to label this at the moment I only have 10 notes in there so it’s not.
Exactly difficult to manage but as over the.

Months as this grows I will start assigning labels and I’m thinking.

In terms of like vocabulary and situations and so on and so forth but what I wanted to show you at this early stage of my studying progress is to show you how I’ve organized it to get myself started because many of you guys out there may be deciding that you.

Really want to learn a foreign language or learn anything that has different sections to it.

So I think this is a really good time to.

Show you how I’ve started off setting this up things are definitely going to.

Change over the month and as this folder as this notebook fills up I will start labeling it and I just have to decide on how to label.

It so essentially let’s start at the bottom I’m just going to turn these around because let’s start at the top one of the most important things that I decided with my parents-in-law are Korean they they don’t generally.