Working With Evernote | How I'm Organising My Language Studying.

Working With Evernote | How I'm Organising My Language Studying.

Speak English very well and so I have to use Korean when I speak with my parents so my.

Parents-in-law so I’m using these phrases to that things that I do need to speak to my parents-in-law like they help me to look after my little boy my little dog so my dog’s.

Name is Barney so for example Barney’s lead I’ve got Barney Mach dual or deer soil for those of you can’t read Hangul I’m giving you the words here and also like Barney has his own water bottle I know we treat him like a human being Barney Barney mol being or D is soil and they’ve got things like did you enjoy your trip or Barney is very tired I think Barney is sick which I think would be very important because my mother-in-law.

Would then take him to the vet where did Barney go today and these phrases actually got in there in the wrong in the wrong folder so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna.

Move these because they shouldn’t be there I’m going to delete that one I’m gonna put it into my new words and phrases which is here and I’m just going to add this now the thing is this list at the moment is not organized so it’s a.

Good one to go into at the moment these are.

Just things that I’ve actually just picked up from.

Textbooks or students have actually given me that would be useful so I’ve got these written down here I think for those of.

You who follow all my videos you will have seen that last weekend we had doom out help on a sale which is have a good weekend but.

We’ve got things like your Hank our Daniel or so yo which is have a good trip things like no more excuses that’s kind of like a motivation of phrase no more excuses and.

Of course one of my favorite ones for when I am talking with taxi drivers because they often ask me questions adjectives or tail Yoshimi Gong Boonen Gong Bohannon juni ale that just basically means I.

A little I’m studying very hard actually my wife gave me that one and I know that tau Mateo means not very well so.

My wife is not giving me the correct translations but anyway these are just phrases that I’ve picked up as I’ve been going along and I’m also keeping a record of what I’ve done so on a 2 weekly basis this is.

The way I’ve got it set up weekend’s so this is my current way I’m doing it which is 20 minutes learned myself introduction which I’ll show you in a moment 20.

Minutes reading an article from Navy comm everyday out loud that’s just gonna help me to.

Be able to pronounce the Korean sounds better and 20 minutes learning keywords and phrases and on.

30 minutes studying how a news reader in the in Korea course on sake and a celebrity okay I suppose you call him a comedian yoo jaesuk speak so this.

Is i’m keeping a track of what i’m doing and as I change it I will add to this list recently I had to go to the dentist now unfortunately my wife wasn’t able to go with me so I had to use this phrase so I had to get these words from my wife who gave all these words that I could actually go to the dentist and use these phrases but again going to the dentist is something.

That you just have to do and making an appointment is something that we’ll have to do now I’m not very good at pronouncing this.