Working With Evernote | How I'm Organising My Language Studying.

Working With Evernote | How I'm Organising My Language Studying.

But like make an appointment I’d like to make an appointment he’s yeah yak hair ogor wasnõt what none day oh very difficult to say but I was.

Able to date when I went to the dentist not.

Very well strangely enough this one here nikka Arpaio I can say very well I had my tooth hurts so these are the things that I found very useful and I will be putting this into a situational label probably when I decide on my labels another thing that I’ve done is.

For useful phrases that I wanted to learn or useful sections from a textbook what I’ve done is I’ve scan them in using Evernote scanner so I can keep them.

Here and that means I can annotate them if I need to so I’ve got one here and I’ve got greetings in sir greetings are obviously very very important as you can see I’m actually highlighting some of these as I go along not many but I will be getting into those and I’ve got one here which is like chapter which is obviously in the office Korea numbers are very important so I’ve started putting those down.

Hannah does that net that’s not your so it’ll cop your doll hope y’all know Hannah y’all don’t these are all going down here these are the the pure Korean numbers they also have a second Korean number system which I actually already know and finally what I’ve done is one of the things.

That I’m doing on a weekend is I’m studying one of the best Korean speakers there is because this is who my students have told me is the best Korean speaker and it’s NC what I do is he.

Does what’s called an anchor briefing I’ll just give you an example of this if.

We go to YouTube on this one you will see that these videos that song sake who’s a very we always.

Get the videos skip the video let’s get me out so we can actually go into this now and you can hear song sake speaking and he’s a very very good speaker so what I’m doing there is I am listening to what he’s saying now in the early days of me speaking Korean it is not actually something that I really understand.

What he’s saying but as you can see down here these videos are only about three minutes long and I can listen to them many times like probably ten times over thirty minutes so I can actually get the tone and the way that he is speaking because as I say he is I am told that he is one.

Of the best speakers in Korean so this is one of those things that I really want to.

Be able to do and out like done is I’ve just selected a number of these videos which I will keep adding to on a weekly basis so right at the moment here in my Evernote I have got a basic set.

Up it starts off with the notebook and I’ve also got the notebook set up in my shortcuts this means when I wake up at five o’clock in the morning to do my studying all.

I have to do is get my iPad and I can start off with my Korean self introduction which this morning I did some altering to it because my wife has updated it so I’ve got light on young as a young girl gets on Cal Poly Namita younger guess so kim jung jung jae-young.

Lolo Kara Chico is it goo Johan go get or get on and so on and so forth as you can see down here so basically I have that there.