How To Get More Done In Less Time

Do you want to spend less hours working and still get a lot done all right so stay tuned for the magic formula so we’re always talking about working smarter and not harder so in this video I’m going to be sharing with you seven things that I do on a daily basis to achieve a lot in a short period.

Of time stay tuned the first one is planning planning is huge when you plan your days and weeks you are able to anticipate issues and allocate specific amount of time for each task or duty that you have so rather than.

Spending hours on a single task you know that for example updating your social media accounts usually take you an hour’s time in terms of research and planning for the week so rather than spending half day looking at.

Statuses and so on you’re already planning to get everything done in that hour trust me magic happens during that hour so planning is key and I already talked about this on my last video so.

Go check it out if you haven’t I think it’s really really important to get you set on the planning mode because once you get started with planning everything else.
Falls into place really really smoothly.

Systemising and I think this one is huge.

As well when it comes to your professional life your business life as well as your personal life so think of systems that you can put into place in your business and in your personal life for example when you take the mail out of the mailbox what do you usually do with it most of us just put it on the kitchen counter top right and it sits there forever that’s.

A really counter effective system so you need to find a way to organize your daily actions into a more pleasant and organized fashion for example you take the mail out of the mailbox you you don’t put it on.

The kitchen counter table you actually have a specific box or shelf in your house where you’re actually piling up your mail and then.

Open all that mail and deal with it right away systemising also includes automation so anything that can be automated and done automatically because you don’t want to do it yourself that could be also to be considered in your systemization process perhaps you want to automate some payments like rent or a car insurance etc you already know that you’re gonna be paying them.

On the 5th of each month so why not automate them so that you can be free for other more.

Important issues the third one is batching I talked about this in my past videos and I love this tip because it wasn’t obvious to me at first but now that I’m doing it more.

And more I feel like it’s the huge thing and I’m also trying to do it with my videos maybe.

Like filming a few videos when I set up the camera because it’s easier to film all the videos once and then edit them and then post them consistently but when you film like one video every week or so.

On chances are were not consistent at least for me I know I’m not consistent so batching I’m definitely gonna use it more with thumbing videos so when I sit down I allocated for example two hours of my time to film in and I’m probably gonna feel like four videos so I’m like I’m done for the month that’s so cool so think of ways.